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Question from a Magnificent Creator friend of ours during one of our skype Playgroups: I was wondering if you could give one short sentence I could tell myself when that first negative thought comes in to resist a new idea from the universe, to counter that negative ego resistance that pops up.

Solarum: “I am tuned in as a Receiver for Source.” Yes?

And we would invite you to play with that in your experiences – that you are tuning in, and as you are tuning in, with the way that your mind works, you can play with this.

This can be even somewhat technical for you, yes? You can see yourself as a receiver, that when you are tuned in, you are receiving these messages, for Source, through Source.

And we would say, this IS what is happening, and very often, as we have spoken with others here in this call today, there is that tendency from your physical perspective to think you are not big enough to really be doing that. Yes?

This has nothing to do with being big. You just ARE. Yes? You just ARE Source. Yes?

But you are Source who is playing in a physical vehicle. And so, very often, you relate yourself more fully with the physical vehicle.

WE know you are Source. Yes?

And so, you are utilizing your physical vehicle and you are utilizing your thinking mind to be a receiver, and to pull forth these messages, yes?

From the consciousness that is yours in Source, the consciousness that is non-local, but is still yours, you are pulling it forth into physical, as a receiver.

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You have access to all of the knowing, to all of the ideas, yes, to all of the possibilities. You do have access to all of that. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will tell you, that the UNknowing is important also.
When you have it “figured out” in your mind – where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – ah, that limits you. It puts up walls along your path, and all of the delightful things Source can provide to you, off to the side, you are not able to see because of the walls along your path.
Yes. When you are able to be in this space of Openness – which we very much feel that you are – when you are able to be in this space of openness, and find comfort in the uncertainty, when you can recognize that the uncertainty equates with possibility, Yes, when you recognize that the uncertainty equates with Possibility, you can go so much further than you can with your limited ideas. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that you did a very good job of getting your vibration activated around your vision, your knowing, first. You Know that the vibration is the activating force.

And certainly, it is fun to play with your inspired ideas. Certainly it is fun to get your hands in the clay, or the mud, or whatever you wish to mold. Certainly that is fun. We say to you: enjoy that whenever you wish. But your vibration brings it all about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Those of you in physical play with these ideas of the potential for negative effect with many, many different topics.

Oh, so many different people are playing with the ideas of foods that could potentially damage them, they play with the ideas of other people harming one another, they play with the ideas that are put out on your newscasts, your news stories, there seems to be – if you choose to focus on itthe potential for harm to your planet and your physical bodies from countless sources.
And this is the one right now that has come into your focus and we would like for you to recognize that… oh, this is a great gift because you have been given this little irritant, little concern, that by allowing yourself to shift in this you can shift your understanding across multiple levels of possibility in your experience.

We wish for you to recognize that this belief in the potential of harm from something outside of yourself is FALSE.
And, oh people would be so much happier in their lives if they were focusing more on what brings them joy than on the possibility for harm.
And you know this, you know this, you practice it quite well in your life in many ways.
And yet This stands out for you and so, we wish for you to recognize that the only harm that can come to you is that which finds a matching vibration within you.
So when you are noticing these things, we wish for you to recognize THAT truth, that nothing can harm you unless you have that matching vibration, which can often be a vibration of fear, a vibration of concern, a vibration of irritation by what is happening outside of yourself. And it is a reminder. It is an indicator to you that you can fill up on Other vibrations that bring you joy.
And you know this quite well. You can play with anything that brings joy into your life and recognize that the potential for harm from << …fill in the blank… >> is only an illusion. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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Mmm, we recognize your resonance with this idea NOW, but we will also put in here that as you reflect back on this, you do not have permission to beat yourself up. Yes, you do not have permission to beat yourself up over anything – it is all a beautiful and perfect unfolding. ~Aaron

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You all do come forth with blueprints.

You come forth with ideas and plans but you get to choose what you do with those blueprints. You can change them throughout your life.

But you do come forth with them, with those ideas. And when you begin to hit upon points that match, that bring forth great desire in you, that bring forth bliss, that bring forth joy… when you hit on those matching points that you desire, ahh, then you feel the resonance. ~Aaron

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When you recognize the difference in the energy and as you play with words, thoughts, ideas… you will feel yourself, you will feel the releasing of the walls when you slip into the right word. ~Aaron

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YOU recognize the resonance with the joy, with the fun, with the easiness, with the going with the flow.

That IS what this is all about.

And this is not about trying hard to work out the details and figure out how it’s going to work.

You throw out the ideas and when they feel amazing THAT’S IT, and it comes together.

So we invite you to throw up all kinds of ideas, throw them out there, speak to other people, get all kinds of ideas, throw them up into the air – what feels the most joyful? ~Aaron

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Allow yourself outside in the open and connect. Allow yourself meditation or even just finding peace and quiet and allowing things to flow and you will… Thoughts, ideas, images, feelings will begin to be much more apparent to you and easy for you to find when you give yourself time every day, out in the open, connecting.

What we want you to look for is the feeling place of joy.

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