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Do not get caught in the worry, or the fear of those moments where you DO feel fear or concern.

It is ok to feel that and it is ok to acknowledge that you feel it, and to notice it for the indicator that it is.

Pay attention to where you are feeling fear, and you don’t really want to (feel it), and you will be able to release that much more easily if you acknowledge it and allow yourself the experience of it, and shifting through that than trying to push it down, or push it away, or to think that you are messing things up by feeling that way, because you are not messing things up by feeling that way.

You are being shown opportunities to shift your vibration, and that is ok. That is ok.

And if you were not having those experiences, you would not be in physical. It’s here for your expansion, and as long as you can recognize it as an opportunity to see and understand in new ways, and you don’t beat yourself up over it, oh, it can be a blissing in your life. ~Aaron Connection

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It is Oh, so much more freeing to allow ones self to Recognize what you are feeling. Because when you are feeling Fear, Negativity, Lacking… when you are feeling that from your human perspective, this is an Indicator.

It is an Indicator, it is Not a JUDGMENT.

When you can look at the indicator, and Acknowledge what it is speaking to you, you can then choose otherwise.
You can then take the actions or the focusing of your attention on Appreciation, but we Do invite you to recognize the indicators. For when you do not pay attention to the indicators, ah, the indicators keep getting stronger in your life. This is where, very often, people develop diseases because the indicator is trying to show itself more strongly. ~Aaron Connection

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