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We would say: Have fun!
We would say have fun.
We would say follow your inspiration when you feel it because we know that you feel it. Yes?
We would say allow yourself great appreciation – and … when you can reach it, allow yourself Celebration. Yes?

And so we would say that when you are trying to figure it out … we would invite you into your joy triggers, into those little things that bring you small moments of joy.
They can help shift everything for you, dear. Yes?

And oh, the people that will be popping up in your life. Mmm, yes, you will feel great resonance with them. ~Solarum

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The first thing we are going to say is: we want you to recognize the fear and hesitation that you even have to acknowledge “this”, because we will say that THAT causes more blockage for you than the actual (issue) itself. Yes?

We wish for you to FEEL that.
There need be no fear of what you notice.

When you notice something , you notice it. And then, if it’s something that you do not Prefer you can then think, “What do I prefer? I’m noticing this thing that I don’t prefer – what do I prefer?” But do not be afraid of noticing it. Because when you are afraid of noticing it you build up more barriers and that does not benefit you. And we will tell you, that when you notice this feeling of it being Overwhelming, Yes, that is a message to you. If it is overwhelming That does not feel good, and so what you are looking for is, “What feels good to me?”

And we invite you to find ways to play with this that are done without judgment on yourself. You can notice it and notice, “Oh, this happened. Oh, I am not fond of the way that this feels right now. What do I like?” And, begin to notice what you Do Like and allow yourself to follow the inspiration because you will find the inspiration to move you forward.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that you did a very good job of getting your vibration activated around your vision, your knowing, first. You Know that the vibration is the activating force.

And certainly, it is fun to play with your inspired ideas. Certainly it is fun to get your hands in the clay, or the mud, or whatever you wish to mold. Certainly that is fun. We say to you: enjoy that whenever you wish. But your vibration brings it all about. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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What we will say to you is that there is so much more room in your life for love and for fun and for appreciation. When you focus on the love that you can share, that you can be, when you focus on the appreciation that you feel in your experience, in your noticing, when you allow yourself to relax into ease and playfulness and inspiration, ah, everything is bubbling for you then, dear one. Everything is bubbling for you then.

We will say that it is ok for you to notice your preferences, for you to notice whatever you happen to notice in your experience. But we would invite you to feel your way into it when you notice something that feels like judgment to you, that feels like a withholding of love to you… well, we invite you to love. We invite you to appreciate and yes, very often, appreciation is an easy way to shift from feeling a withholding of love to feeling a flowing, an immersing in love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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What we want you to do is consider feeling good to be forefront in your mind when you are making choices in your daily life.

And so, we invite you to come up with a list.  This will be very helpful for you.

Come up with a list of joy triggers in your life – a list of little things that bring you joy. Or, when you notice little things in your day, add them to your list, so that when you are faced with the prospect of doing something that doesn’t feel so good, choose something from your joy triggers.

And we are talking about simple, little, easy, quick things that you know make you feel good. Whether you are looking online at your wonderful internet and choosing to look at a video of a baby laughing; or whether you are choosing to read a section of a book or a quote from someone who inspires you or makes you feel good; or whether you choose to watch a tv show or listen to music that makes you feel like dancing… Come up with your list. ~Aaron

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Sometimes, when you have reached contentment, you are in that feeling of contentment – it’s very nice for a while, but too much contentment turns into boredom. And so from contentment you want to allow yourself to flow upwards… allow more joy, allow yourself to take actions of inspiration that come from the level of contentment. ~Aaron

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