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We will remind you: We are always here and we are here even more than you acknowledge us.
You can find ways to integrate your connection with non-physical energy other than what you are utilizing – more and more ways, you can bring it in more, you can perceive it more in your physical perception.
Be open to this. Be open to this. Remind yourself. Be open to this.
We are with you always. You may perceive us more than you do. Let us in. Play with the idea. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We want for you to pay attention and notice – joyfully notice – appreciate it, make notes about it, laugh about it, and allow yourself to feel it in your heart, and to allow the roots of these beliefs about loving relationships and the possibility in their existence to take root within.
And we invite you, even, when you are thinking these thoughts, when you are noticing it in other people, place your hand over your heart and deepen that connection. Bring it to your physical awareness also, so that you are integrating it more fully into your physical knowing. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to talk about it, to write about it: What beings you joy? Where are those moments? What are you noticing? How much fun are you having? How much fun are you having?

Look. Do research. Be open to having stories fall into your lap of others who have lived their life in this way, who have connected to their joy – who have disconnected from concerns about work – connected to their joy, and all of a sudden discovered that their joy is their treasure chest.

And as you find stories, as you hear stories, they will begin to multiply, you will hear more and more – and this also help you integrate into your life the knowing of the possibilities.

And as you ask in your life for the little synchs, for the little stories to light up for you, for the moments of knowing, the prizes in the box of Cracker Jack… as you ASK and are open to looking for these in your life then they will begin to show up more and more often. And, oh, you will have such delight in this. And the more delight you have, the more they show up, the more they become part of your life, the more your life flows, the more you recognize: you didn’t want WORK anyway. ~Aaron

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It adds up

It is easier for you to hear US sometimes when we are speaking as Aaron to you – we are vocalizing in a way that… you find it much easier to take in information this way and to integrate it.

And when you have already had this same conversation within, and you hear it repeated to you through your ears, it comes together.

It adds up to such overwhelming evidence – and what a gift you are giving yourself to give yourself this overwhelming evidence! ~Aaron

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