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When relationships are loosed from your life… there are new ones awaiting.
And as you focus in joy… as you invite them in, as you send out your vibrational invitations, you will be drawn together, dear one.
You’ve seen this before in your life.
Yes. You have seen this before. You will see this again. ~Aaron

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We invite you to find new ways to spend your time, to spend your time doing the things that you are feeling called to, doing the things that you are feeling called to that you may have been making excuses to not do.

When you do these things that you have been putting off, you are inviting in greater joy to your life, which creates more energy in your life. And this will be a cycle of expansion of joy for you. ~Aaron

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We wish for you to know, dear one, this blending (…) will become much more seamless in your life. You will find that as you continue on, as you continue walking this journey, this path… inviting along others with you… your footing will be much more sure as you continue forward.

You have been breaking in your “hiking boots” as it were, up to this point. As you journey forward you will begin to feel more of the comfort, the self-assuredness, residing in your being. ~Aaron

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And, we wish for you to recognize that your lessons are not being thrown at you. You are inviting the lessons. You are inviting the lessons… and it is your perspective – it is your singular perspective that allows you the interpretation that you have, the interaction that you have. ~Aaron

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And we enjoy playing with you as you are going f u r t h e r out on the leading edge, because there are so many of you who have this strong understanding, who are ready for more, who are taking this physical expression and throwing off the ballast that has held you back before.

And we so enjoy interacting like this. You have called us to you for this purpose because you ARE ready for more, you ARE ready to create more powerfully, you ARE ready for understandings that you were not previously ready for.

And we want to say that it is appreciated even when people come to us with what they consider to be very personal questions, we want you to know that this does benefit other listeners because you are all expressions from the Plural, from the Oneness. You all have a common core and you can recognize yourselves in one another. And we appreciate you sharing your individuality for the benefit of all.

We have enjoyed this time together. We look forward to more – there is so much more coming. There is much that you are getting glimpses of, and we know, we have seen you catching the glimpses and not quite understanding or being able to interpret it yet. But we want you to know, you WILL come to an understanding, you WILL be able to interpret those glimpses. As you get closer they will more fully be revealed to you – and there is always MORE.

You will never come to a place of completion or standing still – that is not possible. And the more that you desire to create and expand, the more quickly you can do this. And some are on your planet and perfectly happy without big expansion, and that is fine, but even they are expanding.

But for those of you who are here for the thrill of the ride, for the expansion, ah, you are in a space of creating very quickly now. And we enjoy being on this ride with you.

We thank you for inviting us in to connect with you today. We will speak with you soon.

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Allow yourself to view the fatigue as an invitation to relax. ~Aaron

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This vibrational knowing, this sharing that we have just done with you, it has become a part of you and you will be able … to allow yourself to invite in a fuller knowing of what this vibration is for you.

And you will be able to experience this in an even more full and complete way than you are now.

This vibration will bubble through you and give you a stronger recognition of the knowings that may be a little dim right now. ~Aaron

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