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What is this sadness about, yes?
The sadness is about you feeling that you did not serve her well. That is what it is about. …
We say to you: Fine. Take responsibility for that in whatever way you want.

Hold it in your hands like papery thin petals, blow at it with a puff of air and allow it to fly away. Yes?

… Dear one, you served her well. You loved her dearly. You saw her magnificence and you sought to help her see her magnificence, but she is on her own journey, dear one.
She must find her own way. ~Solarum

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You sometimes believe that your skills are limited.
We will say … Your skills are extraordinary, dear one.
What you are doing is your journey.
You are not taking the journey that anyone else is taking.
And although you have peers, friends, those who are on similar journeys, those who you can feel resonance with, those whose company you enjoy and who you can share deeply with – those here with you, None of them are taking the same journey as you.

Your journey is unique.
The gifts you bring forth are unique.
You may feel sometimes that they are not good enough.
You do not understand at times what you are doing when there are others that you feel are so much more magnificent than you.

We will say, this has nothing to do with Outshining another.
This has nothing to do with praise.
This has to do with you following your journey and opening up to share your gifts.
Opening up to share your gifts!
There are those who are blessed because of your sharing, whose lives will be better because of your sharing. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You could have lived your life easy-peasy, nothing big happening one way or the other – but you are here for the experiences, and you are here for the growth, you are here for the fun, you are here for the fun of the journey.
From the spirit that you Be, beyond your physical body, you do not see these as problems, as issues. You are excited about the journey. You are excited about the adventure. You are excited about where you are going. We give you a high 5 dear one for your journey. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you think about your anniversary, … as you think about the love you share, as you think about the life you have created together, as you think about what is wonderful and what wonderful experiences you would like to have from here, we would invite you to honor this anniversary in a way that is focused upon connection between the two of you rather than on how many exciting things you can plan.

We would say, that you can certainly find yourself in some beautiful place on this earth – which there are countless beautiful places – a place that will inspire your appreciation, your connection with this world, your connection with one another – your connection with your playfulness and your lovingness, and your Visioning for the lives that you are creating.

What do you want to create, dear one? How do you want to play? How does he want to play? How do you want to play together?

Focus on the beauty of the time together, honoring the journey you have taken thus far, and the journey you are on now. BE LOVE. BE appreciation. BE playfulness, dear one. Be the creation of many more journeys together.

But allow yourself to recognize: This is so easy for you to love one another.
It is so easy for you to love one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is another calling to be centered in Love, to be centered in Love for You, but also to be centered in the Knowing of the Perfection of the Journey that each one chooses. And allowing yourself to release, to release the feeling of Responsibility to Action when the responsibility is to LOVE.

We must say to you that love is not a vibration that is resonant with worry. It is not resonant with it. Many of you in physical believe that it is – that worry is an expression of love. It is not. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you FEEL … as you feel the discrepancy between the life that you wish to lead and the life that you have led, you come upon a point of choice, dear one – you come upon a point of choice.

You have so much to gain.
You have so much to gain by moving forward, by moving forward into the knowing that you have, into belief in the knowing that you have, into LIVING the belief in the knowing that you have.
The knowing, in and of itself, put you on the right path, but it doesn’t necessarily fuel your journey.
You give your knowing wheels with your belief and you fuel it with the act of living of the belief in your knowing.
Are you a divine one of the pluralness, or not, dear one?
Are you creating with your vibration, or not?
We love you, dear one. You can have fun with this.
Allow the tears to come if they wish, and wash away the hold that you have on the past.

~Aaron Connection

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We call you to be on the journey in joy. We will not ask you to make too big a leap at any one given time.
It will be a gentle moving forward but there will be points where many understandings will click into place at once for you. It will be as if you are doing a jigsaw puzzle and all the pieces are lying before you and all of a sudden a big chunk of it comes together… it’s still all pieces, but there are points where you see the bigger picture, and you can pop many of those pieces into place at once. ~Aaron

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We are wrapping you in love.

We are encouraging you on your journey. ~Aaron

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We wish for you to know, dear one, this blending (…) will become much more seamless in your life. You will find that as you continue on, as you continue walking this journey, this path… inviting along others with you… your footing will be much more sure as you continue forward.

You have been breaking in your “hiking boots” as it were, up to this point. As you journey forward you will begin to feel more of the comfort, the self-assuredness, residing in your being. ~Aaron

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We love the journey that you are experiencing. And remember, you are always surrounded by flowing love. It is always here for you. ~Aaron

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