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We encourage you, we invite you to look for those joy triggers in your life;
We encourage you, we invite you to feel the love of yourself and feel the appreciation of what you are experiencing because all of this makes you magnetic to ease, joy, success. Yes.

What you are feeling creates and is an expression of the vibration that you are radiating, and thus, what you are magnetic to and will be experiencing. ~Solarum

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We would say: Have fun!
We would say have fun.
We would say follow your inspiration when you feel it because we know that you feel it. Yes?
We would say allow yourself great appreciation – and … when you can reach it, allow yourself Celebration. Yes?

And so we would say that when you are trying to figure it out … we would invite you into your joy triggers, into those little things that bring you small moments of joy.
They can help shift everything for you, dear. Yes?

And oh, the people that will be popping up in your life. Mmm, yes, you will feel great resonance with them. ~Solarum

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Lining up with this Vibrational resonance first –
through Intention,
through focus,
through play,
through appreciation,
through memories that feel good,
through Joy Triggers… yes?

There are so many easy, simple ways for you to line up your energy and that is really All that you need to know.
Because as you align your energy, what would have previously been perceived as Hard Steps, or even Impossible Tasks, they become easy, yes.

It is not hard for the magnet to be pulled in contact with the metal. ~Solarum

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Q: Why don’t I see where the fun is?!

Aa: Because that has not been your primary focus in your life..yes? It has not been a primary focus.
This is not something that most physical beings are raised to: have more fun and to play more.
This is not a belief that is grown into young physical beings. And we would say that it was not grown into you.
And so, at this point, with your recognition and your understanding of the laws of the Universe, you recognize that this is something that you want. You wish to choose this. And so you must begin focus in this way.
And we will say that when you find it difficult to figure it out, “Well, what is fun? What is the playful thing that I could be doing?”, We invite you to go back to the basics and allow yourself to keep lists, and make notice of the Joy Triggers in your life. They need not have anything to do with your business, with your work, we just want you to notice the little things that spark you to feel good, that spark you to feel love, that spark you to joy. Yes? That spark you to feel playful.
So we invite you to begin to notice: What are these things?
Do you enjoy seeing babies laughing?
Do you enjoy seeing certain videos?
Do you enjoy certain animals?
Do you enjoy seeing certain scenes in nature?
Do you enjoy reading certain authors or listening to certain speakers?
Whatever it is – begin to make note. Oh! That felt really good!

And so, you are going to make a list of your Joy Triggers so that you can have it at hand, so that when things begin to feel like maybe you’re having to Try to figure out How to have fun, you can look at your Joy Trigger List and begin to interact and play with those things that you know can bring you a ‘flipping of the switch’ to bring you into that feeling of Joy.
It doesn’t matter how momentary or little it can seem, if you focus on it you allow it to enter into your life more.

So, as you notice what your Joy Triggers are, and you invite them into your life more, your vibration will raise, and in the raising of your vibration you will more easily recognize those things with resonance with that higher vibration where you Be…yes?
And, so, it is truly as simple as Noticing, Keeping a list of your joy triggers, keeping it close at hand. So that when you feel like you are trying to figure out How to have Fun, you will have it close at hand. And it’s not a big fun experience, it’s something to shift your vibration quickly and easily to a vibration that feels good. Yes?

And from this point you will be inspired to bigger things.
We will say to you that your business – you were saying in that you were working So Hard, and getting the same results – WE will say that as you are Playing More and Raising your Vibration to a more Playful Level through the use of your Joy Triggers: your business will increase with greater ease, yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!

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You may allow yourself to make note, and we would like to think of you making this note and having it close at hand for you. You are going to list out different little things that can quickly trigger you to feel joy, to experience laughter, to feel love – anything that can shift you quickly.
And there may be a number of things that can do this. You may have certain songs that can shift you into a good-feeling place, you may know of or find certain videos on your internet that are designed to make you feel good, to make you laugh, to release you into joy. You may have certain friends who you can look to for a moment or two of connection, and you know that they will always shift you. You may keep certain pictures on hand. You may set up pictures in your computer or in a scrapbook that make you feel good when you look at them. But we invite you to make a list of your Joy Triggers, to have them quickly at hand so that when you find yourself feeling resistance, feeling taken advantage of, feeling reflections that are not love… when you find yourself feeling this way, you have something to turn to rather than trying to “push through” and find the answer.
Pushing through will not help you. It will wear you out when you try to push through. It will help to make you feel broken down, but when you have your Joy Triggers, your little things that will just, in a moment or two, switch you over – ah, it will be so beneficial to your life to shift yourself into these higher vibrations – even if they have nothing to do with the situation at hand – by allowing yourself into that vibration, by knowing how to shift yourself into that vibration easily, mmm, oh your life will start to shine in more and more ways.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Passion quote graphic with Passion flower

She will be gifted from the Universe for activating her passion
and we invite you to stake this claim also –

that when you are doing things that make you feel good,
when you are going through and playing with your new joy triggers list,
when you are spending conscious time shifting to better feelings by playing with your joy triggers list,
when you are doing and living your passion,
when you are creating in a way that makes you feel good, that brings alive the love of beauty and creation at your hands,
when you are doing this allow yourself to acknowledge that the Universe is happy to shower abundance on you and you need only let it in. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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What we want you to do is consider feeling good to be forefront in your mind when you are making choices in your daily life.

And so, we invite you to come up with a list.  This will be very helpful for you.

Come up with a list of joy triggers in your life – a list of little things that bring you joy. Or, when you notice little things in your day, add them to your list, so that when you are faced with the prospect of doing something that doesn’t feel so good, choose something from your joy triggers.

And we are talking about simple, little, easy, quick things that you know make you feel good. Whether you are looking online at your wonderful internet and choosing to look at a video of a baby laughing; or whether you are choosing to read a section of a book or a quote from someone who inspires you or makes you feel good; or whether you choose to watch a tv show or listen to music that makes you feel like dancing… Come up with your list. ~Aaron

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