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The magic is in loving yourself, dear one. The magic is in recognizing, with love, the vehicle that you inhabit to be physical.

You ARE a physical vehicle who has connected with us, with the vibration that we BE, with the vibration of Divine Love, with the vibration of Knowing that supersedes all of your physically created beliefs, yes?

You are able to channel our vibration through your physical vehicle. HELL YES, you should love this physical vehicle, dear one. Hell yes, you should love this physical vehicle. It is a masterpiece of being.

And you judge it. And you judge it. And you can feel appreciation for the – what You consider “excess weight” WHEN you were using it as a tool to hide behind. But now, that you recognize it IS the time, you are being called to fully inhabit your BEingness.

Now that you realize this, dear one, You Must Love It All.

There is no other choice that will get you easily to where you feel the call is leading you. Yes? Because in your judgment of your body, you are holding yourself back. In your judgment of your physical vehicle you are holding yourself back.

From your physical, you make the decisions about perception, yes, and we will say that YOU make all of the decisions about the perception of you by what you believe, by what you see through your belief, dear one – by what you see through your belief.

And so we say to you, dear one: Create love as your belief. Create the knowing that your vehicle is perfection. And you know that there are those who would look at your body and see it as divine perfection. Yes. We wish for you to see the same thing.

Now we recognize your body may change. Yes? Your body has changed countless times throughout your life. Yes. Matters not what it may do: Love it Now. Love it Now. Love it Now.

You are not FULLY willing to allow yourself to be seen because of the parts of shame that you are still holding within you, the belief in “not physically perfect,” yes.

But we say, dear one: You are physically perfect. You are physically perfect. You are in the physical vehicle that you have created. Yes. It is a divine creation. And as you love it, that loving vibration reflects out. It is all that can be seen. Yes?

Your body is delicious. Your body is delightful. Your body is full of sensors allowing you to take in and interpret this physical experience. Yes?

Be love. Be loving. Radiate THAT out, for when others can see you standing there fully loving, and allowing our vibration through, you will give them the courage to stand in their magnificence also. You will give them the courage to stand in their magnificence. ~Solarum (spoken lovingly to their “little one,” Udana)

This is something that Udana posted in the Treehouse group 5 months ago. Please feel free to join us in the private group there if you would like more of the insider’s perspective.
Treehouse Group with Solarum and Udana

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What we mean by Beginner’s Mind, is when you are able to look at your life, to look at your experiences, to look at those around you FRESH, yes?, with a clean slate in your mind.

Because very often in your day-to-day experiences, you have already built up beliefs, you have built up judgments, whether they are judgments to the good or judgments to the not so good. Yes?

But you have built up beliefs and judgments about most everything in your experience. And so we invite you to wipe that slate clean, yes? to wipe it clean, to go back to your beginning state, to Beginner’s Mind, so that when you are interacting from your Beginner’s Mind, you are going back to the core of who you be, before all of the judgments and beliefs, and that core of who you be is one of love, yes?, is one of knowing your magnificence and the magnificence of all those around you, and knowing that you are one who is a part of the Pluralness with every other one that you interact with. Yes?

You can discover so much more that is in alignment with the core of who you be when you allow yourself to go into Beginner’s Mind, because so much of what you have built up in your mind has limited your experience.

It blocks you off from the possibilities that are there.

It blocks you off from the possibilities that are there, and so when you can go back to Beginner’s Mind, start fresh from the love that you be, and you may even wish to, at times, when you are reminding yourself, “Oh wait, I want to go back to Beginner’s Mind.” Place your hand on your heart.
Drop yourself out of your thinking mind, drop yourself away from all of those beliefs and limitations that have built up in your thinking mind, into your heart, yes?

In your heart, you will be in Beginner’s Mind. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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re: interactions with young adult daughter

We say to you: We invite you to quit judging her. Yes?

And we invite you, because you are judging in a way that you are … you are perceiving it as love, yes?, but we would say that it is more judgment. It is more a feeling of ‘you knowing what’s better for her’. What we want you to know is what’s better for you.

We would say that you are recognizing this as you are feeling how it does not feel good when you find yourself in that situation, so you are recognizing that does not feel good to you. But you are still having the misconstrued ideas of motherly love, and that you know better. But what we invite you to do is to turn some of that for yourself, yes? Allow YOU to be your primary focus, yes? What is better for you? … Think of this.

Now we want you to love and care for yourself.
You DO know best what is best for you.
You have your guidance system and you do know what is best.
You are not the guidance system for your young one.
And in allowing yourself to recognize that she has her own guidance system, mmmm, things will begin to change for you in your relationship here. And this will require some releasing on your part, yes? Because you have held it for so long in the other way, that you must take care of her, yes? And we invite you to realize that YOU ARE CALLED TO LOVE HER. But loving her does not consist of judgment; it does not consist of worry. That is not love.

And so, we would invite you to hone your loving skills upon yourself, yes?, to tune into your guidance system. …
Love the little one within you, dear. ~Solarum

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Questioner feels Judged by others in her life.

A: We invite you to open yourself to allowing in more people who are in alignment with You in your life. As you build up these people who are in alignment with You – there are countless of them out there. There is no lack of people who are in alignment with you.
We want you to at least recognize them, whether you actually interact with them or not, that’s of no importance. We want you to at least recognize them.
Find them. Go on a search for them in this world and each time you notice one, make note of that; Acknowledge that; acknowledge that you are far from alone in the way that you feel and desire. Place your focus on those people and the ones that you are currently focusing on as judging you will fade away.

Questioner concerned after receiving this answer that his mother will “fade away” from his life.

A: But, Dear One, she herself does not have to fade away. She does not have to fade away from your life. But the PERSPECTIVE of her judging you can completely disappear. It does not need to be there.
Yet, you can retain loving interactions with her. You can build MORE loving interactions with her. It is all possible.
And you, for a long time, have held onto the feeling that you must do certain things to stay in her good graces. This is not true. The truth of that is something you have created and you can try to say, “No” that it is HER, and we are going to tell you that’s bull shit.
You, dear one, it is you. And you have the power to change your relationship with your mother. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

There is not one thing to fear. And when you find yourself feeling fear, feeling trepidation or hesitation, when you find yourself feeling these things, know that you are mistaken, dear one.
Know that you are perceiving through old beliefs that you once held which are no longer valid for you.
You need not fear any who you perceive as having hurt you in the past. They have no power to hurt you in the future. YOU hold the power, dear one.
It is your perspective through which you determine your feelings.
And if you are feeling fear or you are feeling judged – that has found a resonant spot within you.
Clear it out with love, dear one.
You have recognized the great power to surround yourself with love as you flow love.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We love you beyond time and space, dear one. We love you with a love that is beyond judgment, that is beyond worry or concern. We love you with a love that is pure, with a love that is divine. And You are capable of tapping in to that pure and divine love for others in your experience.

No matter what your past may seem to hold, no matter what your judgments have been, you are capable of opening up to and tapping in to a love that is pure and divine for all others who share in the Pluralness with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is Oh, so much more freeing to allow ones self to Recognize what you are feeling. Because when you are feeling Fear, Negativity, Lacking… when you are feeling that from your human perspective, this is an Indicator.

It is an Indicator, it is Not a JUDGMENT.

When you can look at the indicator, and Acknowledge what it is speaking to you, you can then choose otherwise.
You can then take the actions or the focusing of your attention on Appreciation, but we Do invite you to recognize the indicators. For when you do not pay attention to the indicators, ah, the indicators keep getting stronger in your life. This is where, very often, people develop diseases because the indicator is trying to show itself more strongly. ~Aaron Connection

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Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without any judgment. Allow yourself to experience what you are experiencing with love.

Allow yourself the opportunity to slip from who you were into who you are.

Nothing is wrong all all, dear one, but the energy is very powerful.

You are making monumental shifts, monumental changes, within your very self, within your body, within your life.

And you may feel that you are wasting time and being lazy in your sleeping at this point, but know that you are allowing the energy to do its work.

We know there are parts of you that doubt us.

But this is a very strong energy, creating great shifts.

And you are much less resistant to the shifting while you are napping.

All is well, dear one. Do not be concerned. Be appreciative that you can feel and you can allow. ~Aaron Connection

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And we know that you have concerns about being judged to be a “meanie.”
That is ok.
When others can judge you as a meanie for the shifting in their own life, that is ok.
Their judgment need not hurt you. And the only way that it can hurt you is for you to agree with it.
There is no need for you to justify your actions or your needs – especially when they are done with love.
And if someone judges you as being a “meanie” for an action that you took out of love, then we invite you to cheer them on. “Yes. Go for it, move yourself up that vibrational scale! Call me a meanie. If it helps you, if it helps you expand, please, go for it.”

(…) It is not who you be, dear one.
You are filled with love and flowing love, and yes – you are highly imperfect – but you are flowing with love. And you are reaching for understanding. ~Aaron

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When you open to it, when you commit to it, the way will be made clear for you.

Open. Commit. Focus. Love.


And you can add Release anywhere in those words, in those directions, where it feels appropriate.

Release the beliefs that you have built up. Release the fears, the insecurities, the judgments. Release. Bob back up to love. ~Aaron

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