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Question: I know it’s a powerful dream world I live in… is that the purpose of me not being able to focus in this world as well as most people?

Aa: What we would say about That, about your “not being able to focus as well in this world as most people,” what we would say is that it is because of your Greater focus in the other realities – or dreams, as you are calling them. Yes?

You may choose to call them either other realities or other dreams. It is all the same thing. And we will say that the physical experience that you are all enjoying, yes, the physical experience that you are enjoying is just another dream, yes? It is just another dream. We will say that MOST of you, when you come into physical, do lose the focus on the other dreams. Yes? Because the physical dream seems so Imminent. Yes? It seems so REAL and it is trained into you to be real, but we will say that You have been able to maintain your focus in the other worlds.

Now, for those of you who can maintain, or re-establish your focus in the other dreams (Yes?), in the other dream, those of you who can do that will often find a lessening of the focus in the physical dream. Yes. But, you can also … you can use this to your advantage. You can use this to your advantage in your physical dream because you are able to release many of the limitations that others hold upon their physical experience. Yes?

And so, through your focus in the other dreams, you are able to release many of the limitations that others hold in physical.
Now, we will say to the rest of you who are listening to this conversation, that it is possible for you to re-establish a greater knowing of the other dreams that are available. Yes. It is possible for you and we would say that Many of you – if not most or all of you, yes – would like this ability to focus more fully into the other worlds. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As a divine being of light, there are no limitations placed upon you other than those you place upon yourself.
So begin noticing where you feel limitations because That is your call to know yourself beyond limitations. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are with you. There is not a moment where we are not with you, dear one. There is not a moment where we are not with you.

Yes, your focused attention and opening to us helps you to recognize that we are here – but we are always here. We are always with you.

We are always loving you. We are always playing. We are always knowing where you are going, yes? We are always knowing the possibilities of your highest joy and greatest expansion. We are always knowing. We are always loving. There is not one moment that we are concerned for you. There is not one moment that we sit in worry for you.
For we know who you be. We know you are the same as we. Yes?

We delight in you, our little one. We delight in all the others, and we will say that there is not ONE on this planet for whom we sit in concern or worry. We know. We know. We know beyond the limitations of a physical body. And YOU, are not limited to the knowing of your physical body. You are expressing into a physical body but the bigger part of you is still beyond that physical body. You have not crammed all that you be within your physical body! You have not, our dear one.

You are so much more than that. And from the part that is not crammed within your body you easily know all is well. All is really, really good, dear one. You are doing beautifully. You are creating expansion. Even when you experience those moments of feeling stuck or of feeling that there is not forward motion, mm, that is compacting your energy into a combustion point. Yes?

(Vibrational Answering)

There is so much love here for you, and you have greater access than you allow yourself. Dip in! Notice the love in your life. Apply your focus, pay attention, and notice where love is showing up in your life. Notice where you are feeling love or where you are seeing love.

Allow yourself to practice the noticing of the love in your life and this will help you to feel, to recognize, to know more fully the love that we always are flowing to you, dear one. Open up to this love by noticing more love.

And we will say that, in your physical focus, when you are allowing yourself to notice what is going wrong with others, you are holding yourself apart from the purity of the love that we be – of the love that you be when you are more fully in connection with us.

We are with you in great love – ALWAYS – in all ways. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We know you, our dear one, to be very strong energetically – whether you know this or not, fully – WE know it of you.
And we would invite you to recognize the bubble of energy that you carry with you, that surrounds you – the YOU energy that extends beyond your physical body, the vibration of who you be that extends beyond your physical body, yes, this vibration of who you be.
And when the vibration of who you be is truly in alignment with Who You BE, you are Empowered, you are Love, yes. You are Joy, dear one. Yes. (…)
Mm, yes, so anything that will make you fearful will not come in to your space, because that is not in resonance with your space. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will tell you, that the UNknowing is important also.
When you have it “figured out” in your mind – where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – ah, that limits you. It puts up walls along your path, and all of the delightful things Source can provide to you, off to the side, you are not able to see because of the walls along your path.
Yes. When you are able to be in this space of Openness – which we very much feel that you are – when you are able to be in this space of openness, and find comfort in the uncertainty, when you can recognize that the uncertainty equates with possibility, Yes, when you recognize that the uncertainty equates with Possibility, you can go so much further than you can with your limited ideas. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You may allow yourself to make note, and we would like to think of you making this note and having it close at hand for you. You are going to list out different little things that can quickly trigger you to feel joy, to experience laughter, to feel love – anything that can shift you quickly.
And there may be a number of things that can do this. You may have certain songs that can shift you into a good-feeling place, you may know of or find certain videos on your internet that are designed to make you feel good, to make you laugh, to release you into joy. You may have certain friends who you can look to for a moment or two of connection, and you know that they will always shift you. You may keep certain pictures on hand. You may set up pictures in your computer or in a scrapbook that make you feel good when you look at them. But we invite you to make a list of your Joy Triggers, to have them quickly at hand so that when you find yourself feeling resistance, feeling taken advantage of, feeling reflections that are not love… when you find yourself feeling this way, you have something to turn to rather than trying to “push through” and find the answer.
Pushing through will not help you. It will wear you out when you try to push through. It will help to make you feel broken down, but when you have your Joy Triggers, your little things that will just, in a moment or two, switch you over – ah, it will be so beneficial to your life to shift yourself into these higher vibrations – even if they have nothing to do with the situation at hand – by allowing yourself into that vibration, by knowing how to shift yourself into that vibration easily, mmm, oh your life will start to shine in more and more ways.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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BE at oneness, dear one.

BE the love. BE the knowing.

Resonate the truth of the reality you create. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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