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You do not need to attract something to you that you do not have…
You need to notice what you DO have, what is going right, what is going right.
Then, all THOSE things become things that you DO HAVE. Yes. They will be in the flow with you. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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So many who HAVE the money, have grown concerns around “keeping” the money.
And at this point in your process, in your growth, you have recognized the flow of it.
And as you move from this point, if you can allow yourself to grow in this idea of the flowing of abundance, of there being no need to “hold on” tightly with fear, because the flow can remain steady for you.

The flow can increase for you, but we love playing with you because you are at a point where you can take this knowing and grow with it, so that when you have the millions at your disposal, you will not feel the need to hold so tightly to it that it makes you feel lacking.

And oh that happens with so many – their fear around the losing of it makes them feel the lacking of it. But with you, you are in such a powerful position of recognizing and enjoying and increasing the flow of money, of abundance, of opportunity – Yes? ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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What we want you to know is that the Power of the Divine Love that is at your core, ah! It is so much more powerful than any physical Force that can be taken.

And as you recognize this, as you know this more fully, as you embody this knowing more fully,
as you see others who take Force as an action to try to overcome, yes, their feeling of lack, their feeling of disempowerment,
ou know, you KNOW that they have access to this core of Divine Love just as you do.
All of you in physical have access to this and all of you can access it. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Each one of you coming forth is coming forth from the same source.

You are all individual experiences of the Oneness, so there is not one who is lacking for that connection. Now they may have turned away from the acknowledging of who they truly be, but they are not lacking in that connection. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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But when we were speaking about the hows you cannot figure them out from a place of lack. It is a black hole when you are trying to figure it out from a place or a perspective of lack, of not knowing HOW it’s possible. This is why we invite you to allow yourself to acknowledge, to think about, and to recognize that is a lost cause. It cannot be done. It cannot be figured out from a place of lack – so let that go when it comes up. “Thank you very much for showing up. This does not work. We’re moving on.”

And where the answers will come to you, the magic will begin appearing in your life when you come from the love that you Be, when you find enjoyment in the little things in your life.

Yes.You are trying to make yourself feel better, so allow yourself to acknowledge that. “Hell yes! I will enjoy this.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is Oh, so much more freeing to allow ones self to Recognize what you are feeling. Because when you are feeling Fear, Negativity, Lacking… when you are feeling that from your human perspective, this is an Indicator.

It is an Indicator, it is Not a JUDGMENT.

When you can look at the indicator, and Acknowledge what it is speaking to you, you can then choose otherwise.
You can then take the actions or the focusing of your attention on Appreciation, but we Do invite you to recognize the indicators. For when you do not pay attention to the indicators, ah, the indicators keep getting stronger in your life. This is where, very often, people develop diseases because the indicator is trying to show itself more strongly. ~Aaron Connection

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(When questioner was confronted with spouse’s concerns about money and financial worries)

You felt your cells harden. They took on a defensive stance. The defensive stance is because the innermost part of you, the higher self part of you, the part of us that flows through you, has no resonance with those fears, with that lack. We know the truth.

And we also know, we know this game that you have been playing in physical for so long… We know that it brings you growth or it brings you discomfort as you seek the way of growth, seek the growth beyond the old ways of being, ways of understanding.

Miracles can happen in any myriad of ways. There is a way – there are many, many ways… many, many ways – to remain focused in your new knowing, to remain focused in your joy, in your appreciation, in your recognition of the ease of it all.

And this is something that may be bringing a bit of confusion to you in that you feel that you have been noticing such great deal of ease and abundance – especially where it is associated with joy. You have been noticing the lining up of energies working beyond any hard and fast dollar amounts.

You have been noticing and appreciating and then *poof* this pops into your experience – and it makes you question “How is this possibly able to pop into my experience when my focus has been on the other?”

But, this (negative) vibration had not been cleaned out of your closet yet. It was still there.

You HAVE been focusing. You HAVE been tending the garden of your good thoughts of appreciation, but this was still there and so it pops up for you to recognize it, for you to acknowledge, “Oh yes, I remember you. I can feel that you are still a part of my reality.”

Now you can find the appreciation for this old belief, this old way of being, and where it has brought you to…  Appreciate it. Offer it thanks. Give it love.

And remove it in its old form.

Allow it to leave your experience. It is a good thing for you to recognize this. It is a very good thing. If you left it within you it would still be there – it would still pop up at some point. So much better for it to pop up for you in this day of ease.

You are always surrounded by love. And when you can align your vibration with the love that surrounds you, you know that anything is possible. You know that magic happens. And you know that that magic is the reality of vibrational alignment. Everyone has access to it, but not everyone understands it in their physical form.

We acknowledge you for your recognition of this, for your willingness to grow, to expand your understanding and to work with vibration in new ways.

With great love, dear one, you are surrounded and one with the energy of One Who is Plural… the energy of specific spirits, specific guiding forces who are all delighting as they watch you – their favorite home team – play this game so well. ~Aaron Connection

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We want you to know that you can have everything that you desire without any money.
And you can have anything that you desire with loads of money.
But the money need not be the deciding factor about you allowing what it is that you desire. ~Aaron

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And, as you have noticed, because of that (…) and the feelings that it triggered, you’ve noticed that you still had some lacking beliefs there.
And this is your opportunity to shift, this is your opportunity to find a new set point. ~Aaron

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He pointed out some nervous energy around the flow of money and he used the word “income.”

And to you, that word triggered you to slide downward into some old beliefs that are not a match for who you now be or where you are now going.

The word income, for you, triggered ideas and beliefs about responsibility, about lack – there you are. That is the primary concept that tied you up and bogged you down. The word “income” to you, triggered feelings of Lack.

And we delight in this triggering. We delight in this triggering you because it propels you, compels you to shift – to either shift to a better feeling by building new beliefs… or to continue feeling worse and worse and worse.

You know too much at this point to continue allowing yourself to move toward the worse. And so, consider it…

Consider it like winning a game or being given a gift when you recognize these negatively triggering concepts in your life – because you have just been gifted with the awareness that will allow you to move toward alignment. ~Aaron

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