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When you recognize that you are aligning with your joy, that you are aligning with your true power and true feeling of security, and abundance, and joy, mmm… anytime that you are feeling quite playful and loving, we are going to invite you to make a note, make a note out to the Universe and it will be like writing a check from the universal accounts. And you are going to tell the Universe how you have been in alignment with these very good feelings and you know that they are the feelings that loose the abundance in your life, and you request the Universe to share with you some amount of money.

Now, you can either come up with an amount of money “Oo, I had a good laugh today and that was alignment and you should allow me $500.” OR, you could leave it open ended and just “I know that you would be allowing abundance to show up in my life because I have found my alignment.”
And as you recognize those moments when you are truly in alignment, when you are truly joyful, and loving, and relaxed, and at ease, and appreciating – when you are in those feelings, you ARE opening the doors to Universal abundance. And so, we want you to recognize and pay yourself from the Universal accounts when you are in those spaces and those feeling places.
And you will begin to recognize then that as abundance is showing up in your life, in the magical ways that it will, that this is the Universe’s way of paying you for being in alignment.

Your alignment can open those doorways to abundance.  ~Aaron Connection

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Mmmm… we love silly questions. We love silly people. ~Aaron

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