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And we wish only to reflect back to you the essence of who you are. All of the answers for you come from who you truly be, who you truly be, and the unfolding of it in your life comes from your essence.
You are such a beautiful soul, dear one.
We invite you to recognize this very fully. For when you can allow in an interaction like this, that is full of so much love for you, you increase your ability to allow yourself to let in more love from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that we were first able to start coming through our little one, Stephanie, doing THIS (vibrational answering) when she had moved to Nashville, when she had isolated herself in her closet and was reaching for the answers that she was not yet ready to put words to. She had not found the space or the trust in her own connection to believe the words as they came through For Her. And through the connection we were utilizing this vibration, this pure vibration to bring the answering to the cells of her being, to the energy of her being. We brought the answering vibration in. …
We will say that … when you are able to let in the vibrations of the answer, that you will be led to the knowing, or you will allow the knowing to unfold in your life.
It is beyond the words that interact with your thinking mind because the words are so imprecise. And the words rely heavily on the vibration behind them. Many times people allow themselves to get caught up in the specific definitions and meanings of the words that they hear. But we are here to tell you – that is not where the meaning is.
The meaning is in the vibration beyond the words. And so, if you would like, we could even end our discussion here, for everything that you were asking for is contained within the vibrational answer that we gave you at the beginning.
But we know that from your physical perspective, it is very fun … it sometimes seems more easy to play with the words. But we will say that even if you do not get your full answering from the words in your interaction with us now, your answering will continue to unfold because of the vibration we left with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

**from Stephanie: I hope to be sharing more recordings to let you experience a bit of the power of the vibrational answering, or, you are welcome to set up a private Connection and receive your personal Vibrational Answering.**

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We would even invite you, to look back into your past, into your recent past, or into your distant past, for times that you had fun, or times that you have volunteered, or given of yourself to someone else, or made someone else feel better, or supported someone else… any of these times that you can think of, “Oh, yes, Universe, I forgot to ask for my payment for that! Thank you!”

Think of all the abundance you have built up and not let in yet!
It is just waiting for you to loose the bonds – let it flow. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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