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You are doing well to not try to smash your life into a premade form.
You are doing well to allow it to take shape as you flow, to take shape as you grow.
Allow yourself to feel the way through, to feel the alignment, the resonance or not…
There is no need to push or smash into a form.
You will be much more delighted in this way as you see what organically is created through your flow.
In so doing, what is created of your life will be much greater than what has come before… it will be much more suited and delightful to, and for you, our dear one.
It will be a perfect fit without any smashing needed. ~Solarum

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You get the opportunity to lead many different lives within this one life. It is your choice and your creation and you are not the person that you were before – although you have strings attached. Strings – nothing more. But you are a completely New Creation. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are going to invite you to, each morning, take a glass of water – a cool glass of water. We would invite you to have it in a clear glass, or you may have a colored glass that you can see through. We wish for you to know the purity of this water, though.

We wish for you to hold this glass, this cup, in your hands and to send your love into this water. And this water will easily pick up the vibration that you are sending into it. We will say that for others who hear this, you may send whatever vibration into the water that you wish. You may send the vibration of vibrant health into the water. Yes. You may send the vibration of writing and flowing into the water.

But we are going to invite You to send the vibration of Love into the water. Feel all the love that you can, all the love that you have ever felt before, allow yourself to tap into the memories of the times that you have felt pure love flowing through you. We know that you have these memories, and allow yourself to flow THAT love into your glass of water, in the morning, first thing, and then to drink that water – slowly.
Allow yourself to take it in, and to acknowledge as you are taking it in that this vibration is flowing throughout your body.

This vibration of love is hydrating your body, bringing new life into your body, cleansing your body, and allowing you to release whatever you do not need in favor of this loving vibration that will be flowing through your body.

We would invite you to do this on a daily basis, and then, as you are feeling much more in alignment with the love, play with it in other ways too. You will find this to be a quite magical tool, and it is quite powerful to allow yourself to receive the vibration in this way. Your water can hold it and bring it to you, it can be a great carrier of the vibration for you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are in a place, in a space within your life where you can create anew. We Know and Feel and resonate with your great power and ability to bring more light into your world. And We enjoy being on the ride with you. And we appreciate you and others like you who have gone forth into this experience for the expansion of us all.
And we can see that you are taking in so much, that your loving and appreciative focus will change your experience for the better and you will be a shining light for others.
As you are now, it will be more so. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There are many possibilities for More for you – PLAY with those possibilities.
Play with the lists and the ideas and the noticing and the allowing yourself to light up with what all else is possible.
And begin to notice people, and there are stories out there – it will be easy for you to pick up on this – of those who are living extended lives Joyfully, Happily, creating more.
Mm… and when you stay in that vibration of joyful creation it has more power to keep you In the Joy than the random old thoughts of “Maybe this is all.”
You CAN keep moving forward. You can keep playing.
You delight us with the way that you expand anew and grow. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Slow times

We are placing the right people in front of you at the right time.
You are remembering at the right time.
The slow periods in your life when it seemed like nothing was going on, that is ok. It was a time when you were best served in exactly the way you were living your life
. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you FEEL … as you feel the discrepancy between the life that you wish to lead and the life that you have led, you come upon a point of choice, dear one – you come upon a point of choice.

You have so much to gain.
You have so much to gain by moving forward, by moving forward into the knowing that you have, into belief in the knowing that you have, into LIVING the belief in the knowing that you have.
The knowing, in and of itself, put you on the right path, but it doesn’t necessarily fuel your journey.
You give your knowing wheels with your belief and you fuel it with the act of living of the belief in your knowing.
Are you a divine one of the pluralness, or not, dear one?
Are you creating with your vibration, or not?
We love you, dear one. You can have fun with this.
Allow the tears to come if they wish, and wash away the hold that you have on the past.

~Aaron Connection

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