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We recognize that from your specific individualization that you BE now in physical,
when you think of living other lifetimes, you are limiting your soul to one clump,
as if this one clump that is you now is the same one clump that is you at another time.
And we are letting you know that you are much bigger than that, yes?
And you are much more fluid than that. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to be on a safari for joy,
seeking out wild creatures of joy, seeking out sightings of appreciation,
seeking out sightings of abundance, seeking out sightings of loving relationships, seeking out sightings of friends, seeking out sightings of dreams being lived…
You are on safari, on the trip of a lifetime.
It IS your lifetime – enjoy it. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that the Choices for your experience in physical are.. they are pre-planned. There are blueprints from your… we will say your Higher self, the spirit part of you that comes down into the physical. So from your higher self there is a blueprint and a pre-planning, based on what experiences will benefit the expansion of your soul as you would see it singularly – from your individual self – but also the Pluralness, the One that We All Are Together expands through the experiences of each one who goes into physical, who takes this adventure.
And so, there is a blueprint. There is a knowing beforehand, before even entering into physical – and we are using words that relate to time only because that is your perspective from physical. You can understand more easily in that way. But it is decided beforehand how long, what types of exiting experiences will most benefit the soul going in and the souls around them. And this is chosen beforehand.
You very often live many many lifetimes with the souls that your surround yourself with. So you play this out in many different ways through many different lifetimes.
We will say that you do have great … great control, great power of choice from your physical as far as the vibration that you put out, the perceptions that you have.
It is possible at any point to change the blueprint.
That is Possible to do, but we will say that it … … we will say that it is possible if it is for the highest good of all concerned. And very often, what is for the highest good of all concerned would not be perceived as being the highest good from your physical perspective. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Choices that in physical seem painful, are not viewed in that way from the non-physical.

There is often choice, coming into a lifetime to experience certain challenges to allow for greater expansion, greater asking, greater connection, greater blendedness…

Life is viewed as an adventure and as an opportunity.

But there is no pain (paying?) of debt in this lifetime because of actions in previous lifetimes. ~Aaron

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