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The old beliefs, the old ways of seeing and experiencing are still intact for you somewhat, because you have not had the experiences and the ability to apply a better knowing, better evidence to what you are experiencing.
And so, what you are seeing is still perceived by you as loss. And we certainly understand this, but what we are going to invite you to do is to begin recognizing, rather than “loss”, to begin playing with the word “difference”. Yes? “This is a difference in my experience,” rather than, “This is a loss in my experience”. There is a VIBRATIONAL DIFFERENCE.
That wording will help to bring ease into your experience, and so we would invite you to look at it as a difference, for this is what it is. Yes?
And it is okay if you continue to recognize it as a loss at times, but we are putting this clue here for you, so that, as you think of it as a loss from here on out, you will also have the little ‘ding’ from us, that it is a Difference. And where there is difference, there is also possibility for it to be better, yes? for it to be an Addition to your life.
We wish for you to recognize that there are new experiences for you to experience because of what you have previously perceived as a loss. There are new experiences, there are additions to your life.
We will say to you, that our Little One, she experienced the transitioning of her mother in this past year, and she certainly at times felt that as a great physical loss. Yes, she felt that as a great physical loss, and we will say that she was quite surprised at the physical reaction that she had because she felt that she had a much better, expanded knowing because of her connection with us. Yes?
But you are physical beings, and you must learn to interpret differently through your physical being, rather than just your spiritual, conceptual understanding, yes? But we will say that now that she has gone through this, she recognizes the additions in her life, the new experiences of her mother now that her mother is no longer held back and limited by being a physical being.
But yes, certainly, there is this sense of loss, but we will say to you that you can grow to a point where that sense of loss will be lessened greatly, yes? As you begin to recognize more fully what the additions are, what the possibilities are, what the new life is. Yes?
And we will say to you, that those that you have been very attached to, whether they be a cat or another human in your experience, or whether they be your car, yes? – there are those that you become attached to, and we allow you to feel the love, the loss, the addition, with the things in your life too, you do not need to limit it to the living beings in your life.
But we will say that as you are consciously aware of your feeling of loss and allowing yourself to transform that to the recognition of difference, it is a different experience.
There are new ways to experience this love, this attachment in your life. Things will grow exponentially for you, yes? and your spiritual experience will open up more fully into your physical life experience. You will become much more blended as you recognize that it is a difference, rather than a loss, and you open yourself up to noticing the additions and the possibilities that are out there for you to experience. Yes? ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There is so much vibration for you to play with in this experience! — So much that you have left out of your experience up until recently. — So much that you have not perceived or been open to considering as a possibility.

When you are confined, limited to your physical experience – to that which you believe you see with your eyes, to that which you believe that you feel with your hands, with your skin, that which you believe that you touch, that which you believe that you hear, that which you believe that you understand others to be speaking to you – when you limit yourself in that physical reality, you do become very powerless.

But when you recognize that you are a vibrational being who is not limited by the physical, your experience expands accordingly, dear one.~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You have often stepped back in your experience – stepped back away from your greatness, stepped back away from your magnificence…

And yet, we are calling you forward. ~Aaron

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We want to explain to you that your lack of higher education is viewed by us as a very good thing. Higher education means that you spend more time listening to other people, being subjected to their rules, their ways of thinking.

You are able to go beyond where others have been limited before. We invite you not to worry about being schooled to a certain level. Every thought that has been – by all of the intellectuals throughout your time – exists, still, in your pluralness.

It exists, it is there, able for you to tap in and — we have spoken about this before also — able to tap in and download it in one great chunk. Or you may download it in bits and pieces.

One thing that we particularly appreciate about the way that you are going at this is that you are bringing your spiritual focus into your knowing and this goes in with the discussion of being blended. Being blended and being in your joy, when you are in your joy… which moves you into that blended space, this is all available to you.

You have put your request to the universe, it has been heard, as soon as you get into your joy and your feeling place more often, and recognizing your pure potential for exceeding the others on your planet who have come before, when you get into that feeling space – it IS. And you do have that pure potential, and it is not just about thinking and recognizing, but that is an essential key to tying it together into the blendedness.

You should be tuned in. We invite you, as we invite all, to spend a few minutes a day in meditation or connection. This tunes up your – the volume on how we get through to you. It turns up the volume so that you can more easily recognize when we are calling you to look in a certain direction.

Being committed to a daily allowing of that connection turns up the volume, and we want you to follow the feeling. When it feels good – look there. When it feels resistant, at all – look for something that feels good.

There is no need to push through any resistance. This will be so easy. This will come so easily as you continue to shift and notice. If it feels good – look at it. If it feels not so good – look for something that does feel good. And you will be a great example of allowing and creating

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Anything less than the realization of your best feeling dreams is you holding yourself back.

And you can dream as big as you would like and we will always give you MORE.

And sometimes, those of you in physical are afraid to dream too big – even when you are a big dreamer, you limit yourself at some point – and we want to tell you that as big as you can dream? We can do it bigger.

And so, we would like for you to take it as a challenge. Take it as a challenge from us to keep trying to dream BIGGERand just see if we can outdo youbecause WE CAN!

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‘Barriers’ are like a hologram so that when you focus on them you can see them but there is no physicalness to them. And we invite you to test these perceived limits because we know that you are recognizing the limitlessness of your being, that the boundaries that were perceived before are not real. ~Aaron

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You are trying, even in your question to us, to lay it out – to have the outer limits put for you… and we are saying We won’t do that to you. You are trying to put a border on it, and frame it up and put it on your wall – Here’s the picture… Here’s what it will be… – and we say THERE’S ALWAYS MORE!! ~Aaron

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What limits do you think we put on you?

There are NONE.

And that is beautiful that the group of you, and others, are beginning to realize that. LimitLESS. ~Aaron

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