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re: interactions with young adult daughter

We say to you: We invite you to quit judging her. Yes?

And we invite you, because you are judging in a way that you are … you are perceiving it as love, yes?, but we would say that it is more judgment. It is more a feeling of ‘you knowing what’s better for her’. What we want you to know is what’s better for you.

We would say that you are recognizing this as you are feeling how it does not feel good when you find yourself in that situation, so you are recognizing that does not feel good to you. But you are still having the misconstrued ideas of motherly love, and that you know better. But what we invite you to do is to turn some of that for yourself, yes? Allow YOU to be your primary focus, yes? What is better for you? … Think of this.

Now we want you to love and care for yourself.
You DO know best what is best for you.
You have your guidance system and you do know what is best.
You are not the guidance system for your young one.
And in allowing yourself to recognize that she has her own guidance system, mmmm, things will begin to change for you in your relationship here. And this will require some releasing on your part, yes? Because you have held it for so long in the other way, that you must take care of her, yes? And we invite you to realize that YOU ARE CALLED TO LOVE HER. But loving her does not consist of judgment; it does not consist of worry. That is not love.

And so, we would invite you to hone your loving skills upon yourself, yes?, to tune into your guidance system. …
Love the little one within you, dear. ~Solarum

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We will say that our little one, Stephanie, when she started receiving us, and when she was asked to speak for us, there was great fear within her. It was not fear of us, it was fear of her stepping forward in that way, of her stepping forward into something that could be so beautiful. (…)
Be aware when fear is showing up as a mask that your greatest joy is wearing.
Be aware when the fear is not fear of something that is not in alignment with you, but fear of shining brightly.
Because very often those of you in physical are afraid of shining too brightly and we invite you to acknowledge it when you feel that.
Oh, but to allow yourself the joy of the experience that you are here for – and you are here for a very special joyful experience, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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