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The magic is in loving yourself, dear one. The magic is in recognizing, with love, the vehicle that you inhabit to be physical.

You ARE a physical vehicle who has connected with us, with the vibration that we BE, with the vibration of Divine Love, with the vibration of Knowing that supersedes all of your physically created beliefs, yes?

You are able to channel our vibration through your physical vehicle. HELL YES, you should love this physical vehicle, dear one. Hell yes, you should love this physical vehicle. It is a masterpiece of being.

And you judge it. And you judge it. And you can feel appreciation for the – what You consider “excess weight” WHEN you were using it as a tool to hide behind. But now, that you recognize it IS the time, you are being called to fully inhabit your BEingness.

Now that you realize this, dear one, You Must Love It All.

There is no other choice that will get you easily to where you feel the call is leading you. Yes? Because in your judgment of your body, you are holding yourself back. In your judgment of your physical vehicle you are holding yourself back.

From your physical, you make the decisions about perception, yes, and we will say that YOU make all of the decisions about the perception of you by what you believe, by what you see through your belief, dear one – by what you see through your belief.

And so we say to you, dear one: Create love as your belief. Create the knowing that your vehicle is perfection. And you know that there are those who would look at your body and see it as divine perfection. Yes. We wish for you to see the same thing.

Now we recognize your body may change. Yes? Your body has changed countless times throughout your life. Yes. Matters not what it may do: Love it Now. Love it Now. Love it Now.

You are not FULLY willing to allow yourself to be seen because of the parts of shame that you are still holding within you, the belief in “not physically perfect,” yes.

But we say, dear one: You are physically perfect. You are physically perfect. You are in the physical vehicle that you have created. Yes. It is a divine creation. And as you love it, that loving vibration reflects out. It is all that can be seen. Yes?

Your body is delicious. Your body is delightful. Your body is full of sensors allowing you to take in and interpret this physical experience. Yes?

Be love. Be loving. Radiate THAT out, for when others can see you standing there fully loving, and allowing our vibration through, you will give them the courage to stand in their magnificence also. You will give them the courage to stand in their magnificence. ~Solarum (spoken lovingly to their “little one,” Udana)

This is something that Udana posted in the Treehouse group 5 months ago. Please feel free to join us in the private group there if you would like more of the insider’s perspective.
Treehouse Group with Solarum and Udana

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We encourage you, we invite you to look for those joy triggers in your life;
We encourage you, we invite you to feel the love of yourself and feel the appreciation of what you are experiencing because all of this makes you magnetic to ease, joy, success. Yes.

What you are feeling creates and is an expression of the vibration that you are radiating, and thus, what you are magnetic to and will be experiencing. ~Solarum

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We are appreciating where you are going and the way you are loving yourself as you go – the way that you are shifting paradigms, for that is certainly what you are doing, dear one: You are shifting paradigms.

And it may feel a little clunky to you at time, yes, but all is very well.
You are heading in the right direction. Yes. Things are going very well for you. ~Solarum

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The way that you look at yourself,
the way that you LOVE yourself
affects the way everything in the Universe reacts with you.
~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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You are the one, dear one. You are the one.
And you are not separate from any other.
In this knowing, if you are not separate from any other: that which you love, they love; that which you judge, they judge.
Love yourself, dear one. Love yourself. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We invite you to call in joy and love in your interactions with others.

We invite you to create it before you experience it.
We invite you to find the love that can be felt in this interaction before you enter into the interaction – and you will notice everything begin to change for you.

You have lived your life without this being a primary practice of yours.
Now, you have done very well, in that many times you do go forth into your interactions being very loving, but you do not necessarily think to create this first. Yes?

It either just IS, or it’s not.

And you can claim it to BE Loving. You can find the Love FIRST.
And we invite you to begin playing with this more and more, dear one, in your life.

Everything can change. Everything can change.

Create the love. Invoke the love. Invoke love before entering into interactions with others.

Invoke love for yourself as you begin your day and as you end your day – and at any time in between. Invoke love for yourself. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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That is at the base of all of this, how much you are loving yourself, how much you are truly nourishing your experience here in physical.

And so we invite you to make note of that, to play more fully with loving yourself …
we would invite you also: take those moments to acknowledge yourself: “I love you.” Look into the mirror. “I love you. I love you. I’m so glad that you came here to play. I’m so glad that you came here to grow. I’m so glad that you came here to recognize where things can be even better.”

And FEEL love for yourself; SPEAK love to yourself; JOURNAL love for yourself. For this is of the most importance in your physical experience, to have this base of love for yourself.
The rest of it becomes easy; the rest of it becomes so much more easy. ~Solarum

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We will say to you that the Core of Belonging originates within you, with you feeling that you belong in this experience, with you feeling that you belong embraced within the love that you can have for yourself.

And as you allow yourself to feel more purely the love for who you be in this experience, as you allow yourself to feel the love for who you be in this experience and beyond, as you love yourself, you will experience more greatly that sense of belonging because as you love yourself it is as if you are coming home To You, and in that space of being loved at home with you, the rest of your experiences will reflect this, and you will feel that sense of belonging around you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we wish for you all to take this to heart, and to recognize that you are never alone, even with yourself, for there are so many selves of YOU.
And from your higher perspective, you have an understanding, a blending, a BEingness that combines many different expressions of you.
We will say that when you release your physical body and your thinking mind, you are immediately with so much more of You. Yes? You are immediately with so much more of You. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Q: How do I find love for toxic people?

Aa: We will say that even the people that you are seeing as the most toxic, their core is one of love. Yes?

When they are in your experience, they have come forth, with you, to help you expand, to help you grow. They come forth from this space, this core of love, even when you do not recognize that. From the physical experience it appears to be toxic to you. We will say to you that when you have so firmly, firmly created them in your experience as being toxic, yes? …as being unlovable…yes? …essentially, the thought of them can bring you uncomfortable, even painful feelings, yes? And we would say that this is a co-creation with them…yes?..and at their core they are love…yes?… and they are here for the love of you, to help expand you.

We will invite you to begin focusing with great love on those in your experience that are easy to love…yes? We would invite you to notice the people around you, especially those who light you up with a spark of appreciation, who light you up with fun, with delight for being in their presence. Notice them, even if they are a stranger to you.

Begin to notice those people who you appreciate – Whether you appreciation the way that they look or the way that they interact with the world around them, the way that they are sharing love with you… Begin to notice and make lists. Make Creation Lists. What we wish for you to do is to make creation lists of that which you love and appreciate in people – any people, any beings.

We would extend this beyond people. Any beings, however you experience these beings, where you find yourself feeling appreciation, love and delight – Notice it. Make notes of it. Make lists of it. You can make diagrams of it …yes?

And in so doing you are activating that energy in your experience. Once you have activated it, it will be much more easy for you to recognize where this same vibration is leaking out through those who seem toxic to you… yes? It may not be flowing out fully, but you may begin to notice it leaking out here and there. “Oh! Here…wait! Look! There is something that I feel love for. There is something that I appreciate about them.”

But we would invite you to create it. You are Creating! Creating like a Frankenstein of Love! Yes?

You are bringing together all of these pieces that you appreciate and you love about the other beings around you. You are making note of it, you are making diagrams of it. You are piecing it together into a great Frankenstein of Love that will begin to appear for you everywhere. Yes? It will begin to show up in your experience all over the place. More and more beings to love and appreciate will show up for you.

We will say, that we wish for you to include yourself in this creation process. Notice those things that you love and appreciate about yourself. Appreciate where you have gotten yourself to from where you have been. How wonderful that is! That you have moved to where you now Be! Yes? From where you once were. What a great thing that is!

And put all of these pieces together and spark life into this Frankenstein of Love that will begin showing up for you everywhere, and you will begin to notice ‘that which is lovable,’ leaking out from those that you consider most toxic, because it will be the primary vibration in your experience. It will be what you are noticing. You will not be able to notice that toxicity for all of the love that you are noticing.

So…this is your job, this is your assignment: To become a great noticer and focuser of what you appreciate, love, and delight in, in those beings around you.

Do you wish to accept this challenge? ~ Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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