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We may sound like a broken record here, but the most important thing is for you to focus on loving yourself, appreciating yourself, noticing what a wonderful magnificent being you are.
Sometimes, in physical, you need to be reminded of that
because when you are physically and emotionally
loving and appreciating yourself and all the wonderful things about you,
others will be so attracted to you,
and any doors that you have held closed around you will be thrown open,
will be thrown open. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is another calling to be centered in Love, to be centered in Love for You, but also to be centered in the Knowing of the Perfection of the Journey that each one chooses. And allowing yourself to release, to release the feeling of Responsibility to Action when the responsibility is to LOVE.

We must say to you that love is not a vibration that is resonant with worry. It is not resonant with it. Many of you in physical believe that it is – that worry is an expression of love. It is not. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is a great point of expansion for you to notice and to recognize the importance of loving yourself. We will say that when you are noticing those who are angry at you for this (loving yourself), one thing we would say to you:

Focus on loving yourself a little More because when you are loving yourself more, as you get more imbued with that vibration, you will not notice the others so much.

They will fall away when they are in resistance to you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Loving ones self is very often our theme because when you get into your physical bodies and you spend your time as young children being hypnotized to the culture that you live in, as you grow you have grown these beliefs that take you away from fully loving yourself.

And oh there is so much room to fully love yourself! It is very much a key to manifesting what you want, to living your joy, when you can love yourself.

When you notice other things going on in your world that do not seem to have anything to do with you, but they feel less than loving to you – we invite you to focus upon loving yourself more.

When you are loving yourself in a more full way, you do not notice lack of love in the world around you. You begin noticing more expressions of love in the world around you, and it is because of you loving yourself and being the magnet for love to surround you, to create your world in love. ~Aaron

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They will only be able to see you through loving eyes when you are only seeing them through loving eyes. Anything that would cause them to feel uncomfortable about your choices would not be visible to them. (…)

And as you play with this, loving them, loving you… the love bubble around you, they will bounce off of it. ~Aaron

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Aaron was speaking “once again” about the power of loving yourself…

“And as you let in your own love you will experience this with more and more humans around you.”

The questioner responded that she was still skeptical…

“And that is ok. That gives you reason to move towards it and test it out. See if it’s really true or not. And when you find out that we are telling you the truth – ah-ha-ha!! The FUN! The FUN! Because you will realize how easy it was for you to get there once you let go and let it in. And you will truly have control of your power once you recognize the results that you can get just from loving yourself and having fun!” ~Aaron

You can listen in on this response and hear Aaron’s laughter: Listen In  (30 seconds)

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the Lesson

Enjoy this 3 minute clip from Aaron on “Loving Myself is the Lesson

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