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Aaron’s Treehouse

Aaron’s Treehouse is our sacred place to connect with the divine love, playfulness, inspiration, and remembering from Aaron – One Who Is Plural.

We are opening space for loving interaction, aligning, and putting our joy into action.

By joining our Treehouse Community, you will be a part of this loving, uplifting group, and you will receive invitations to attend Vibrational Playgroups (held on skype). Vibrational Playgroups are your opportunity to be a part of a conversation with Spirit (Aaron – One Who Is Plural).

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You are invited - Aaron's Treehouse

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*This quote was spoken to a dear friend about Aaron’s little one, Stephanie Udana*

As she is now coming into a more clear vibration, yes, a more loving vibration of us, yes, she is coming much more into her feelings of love, and trust, and connection and certainty and assuredness of our connection.
As she comes into this, we invite her to allow herself to dream the dream that is hers. Yes. To dream the dream that is hers – not the dream that is someone else’s, not the dream that someone else is living – we invite her to dream the dream that is HERS.
And it will come alive in her, and as she allows herself to dream this dream it will be very easy at this point for her to dream it and claim it almost immediately. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You have been noticing. It would be fun to have _______. Yes?
It might make my life easier to have _______.
And so you can call that into being.
You can delight in the knowing of what it will be like for you to have _______.
We invite you to be playful with it. No need to be stressed about it. No need to feel desperation for it. Yes. And no need to feel concerned about how to work things out…
It all comes into being easily when things are lined up – and they line up most easily when you are having fun, when you are loving, when you are appreciating, when you are laughing, when you are dancing, yes, when you are connecting with the nature around you…
and we know that there are times that you wish to be doing something more. Yes?
We invite you to play.
We invite you to connnect.
We invite you to write.
Yes. But only in ways that are playful.
Only in ways that feel good.
Only in ways that honor your experience. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We may sound like a broken record here, but the most important thing is for you to focus on loving yourself, appreciating yourself, noticing what a wonderful magnificent being you are.
Sometimes, in physical, you need to be reminded of that
because when you are physically and emotionally
loving and appreciating yourself and all the wonderful things about you,
others will be so attracted to you,
and any doors that you have held closed around you will be thrown open,
will be thrown open. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you recognize that you are aligning with your joy, that you are aligning with your true power and true feeling of security, and abundance, and joy, mmm… anytime that you are feeling quite playful and loving, we are going to invite you to make a note, make a note out to the Universe and it will be like writing a check from the universal accounts. And you are going to tell the Universe how you have been in alignment with these very good feelings and you know that they are the feelings that loose the abundance in your life, and you request the Universe to share with you some amount of money.

Now, you can either come up with an amount of money “Oo, I had a good laugh today and that was alignment and you should allow me $500.” OR, you could leave it open ended and just “I know that you would be allowing abundance to show up in my life because I have found my alignment.”
And as you recognize those moments when you are truly in alignment, when you are truly joyful, and loving, and relaxed, and at ease, and appreciating – when you are in those feelings, you ARE opening the doors to Universal abundance. And so, we want you to recognize and pay yourself from the Universal accounts when you are in those spaces and those feeling places.
And you will begin to recognize then that as abundance is showing up in your life, in the magical ways that it will, that this is the Universe’s way of paying you for being in alignment.

Your alignment can open those doorways to abundance.  ~Aaron Connection

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We will invite you to begin to allow in loving vibration, positive, high-flowing feeling songs, tones.

We invite you to begin surrounding yourself with music or sound vibration that feels good to you. And there are so many ways that you can do this – but we will tell you that by surrounding yourself with these positive feeling vibrations, with the words and the sounds that vibrate Love, Winning, that vibrate Success… when you surround yourself with this vibration it will bypass your necessity to bring your thinking mind into alignment. It will surpass that and raise you to a vibration where your mind will then follow along. ~Aaron Connection

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(RE: Habits that don’t serve your Higher Good)

We invite you to allow yourself to consider it: what is it you are truly feeling drawn to in that moment?
And if it is just the habit that you have created – allow yourself to create a new, more loving habit.
And you will – you are tuning in very well. You will feel your own inner calling to love yourself. And allow yourself to follow wherever that leads you. As long as you feel it is leading you towards more love. ~Aaron

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We wish to speak to you about those who have left your life, about those who WILL Leave your life… We know that there are times that you feel – because of your history together, because of your loving joyful history together – that you should be able to bring them into your Now… that there are times that you want to interact with them in your Now… We will say that it is ok to bless them, to shine love on the connection that you shared, to appreciate the benefit that you received from your connection and to allow yourself to move forward.

Allow your thoughts to be loving. But enjoy your Now perspective. Enjoy those who are Now in your life. The right people will be drawn to you.

There is no need to try to make an old relationship fit the mold of a new relationship that you are ready for… are in alignment with now. ~Aaron Connection

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