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Your spirit is not bound by the location or time of your body.
Your spirit has all-knowing and when you can interpret this through your physical mind into your body – Ah, the magic you will be living that is capable of being normal. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We love you, dear one.
Look for surprises.
Look for the magic.
Look for connections.
They surround you, dear one. ~Solarum

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We invite you to not concern yourself with the details.
Now, we know that there are times that you like to play with the details, but remember that is not what you want to get caught up in.
What we want you to get caught up in, where we want your focus to be, is upon the love, upon the possibilities, upon the magic that is at your fingertips.
You can create in ways that you have never created before.
You did not recognize before. Yes. You did not acknowledge before. NOW you can acknowledge. Now you can acknowledge what’s possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish for you to be aware of when you are trying to talk yourself out of the full realization of your power and your magic in the alignment that you have with your source vibration.
Nothing is more powerful in your experience than your alignment with your source vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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This is what we want your primary focus to be on, is What does it feel like when my source is calling me forward?

And yes, we do think that you can come to a greater understanding of the difference between fear, or caution, or hesitancy but what you TRULY want to be focused upon is What does it feel like when my source is calling me forward?

Think of the times in your experience that you have recognized this. Think of the times that you can look back and say “Oh, Clearly! Clearly, I was being pulled forward into the experience.”

Look at the magic and the alignment of that experience. Pay attention to those experiences because That is what you want to recognize. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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But when we were speaking about the hows you cannot figure them out from a place of lack. It is a black hole when you are trying to figure it out from a place or a perspective of lack, of not knowing HOW it’s possible. This is why we invite you to allow yourself to acknowledge, to think about, and to recognize that is a lost cause. It cannot be done. It cannot be figured out from a place of lack – so let that go when it comes up. “Thank you very much for showing up. This does not work. We’re moving on.”

And where the answers will come to you, the magic will begin appearing in your life when you come from the love that you Be, when you find enjoyment in the little things in your life.

Yes.You are trying to make yourself feel better, so allow yourself to acknowledge that. “Hell yes! I will enjoy this.” ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Finding your way back to the love for you – it will change your experience.
You will seem to be a magic-maker to those around you.
Everything will line up with that love for you

Q: That includes healing myself physically?

That includes healing yourself physically. That includes EVERYTHING. That includes physical. Every physical perception that you have – and all physical experiences, or physical “realities” (we put quotes around that), they are all your perception.
When your perception is one of Love, everything is love to you. You will see the Truth of Love rather than seeing the illusion of Lack, the illusion of Pain or Illness, the illusion of fractured relationship.
You will only be able to see the love and it will color everything differently. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you are living your life as a Blended BEing with access to the creative power of the non-physical being that you are and bringing That into your physical experience – ah, your life will flow beautifully and those around you will wonder “What kind of magic is she working? How is this happening in her life? Because we don’t see the hard work, but yet, she is living this life that is beautiful.”
Yes, yes, and we feel that you are opening up much more to that in your life right now. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Vibration seems like magic to those who do not understand how to utilize it in their physical experience.

When you understand how to utilize vibration in your physical experience, THAT will seem like magic to everyone around you. But you will know that magic is available to All. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Look for these examples, and as you begin to look for them they will show up more and more. And as you see these examples, as you recognize yourself in these other beings who have already had these magnificent experiences… as you see them, gather these experiences, fill your basket with these experiences, and it will become your knowing.

It will become your pure belief that this is, not only possible, it is easy. It is so easy when you connect yourself with the knowing.

And your mother, those around you, they will feel the knowing as it rolls from you. They will feel comforted by the knowing that you will possess.

And when you allow yourself to focus your time and your now moments on finding this evidence, there is no work for you to do right now other than find the evidence and allow yourself to feel good.

And, like magic, things will happen that you could have never worked for. Things will happen into your experience that you could have worked 30 years and never been able to come to this – but you can allow it in through your connection. ~Aaron

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