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A point that we want to make to you, is that very often when those of you in physical “pick up on these vibrations” as you say, and you feel it, as we spoke earlier, you cannot pick up on that vibration unless there is something, some matching point in you. Yes? And so, it may not be the SAME vibration, yes, but it may be a fear of that vibration, or it may be an old belief about that vibration. It is … what we will say is that it is not Love. Yes. That when you are flowing the love more fully you will not necessarily notice these other vibrations so much because your energy will move you in other directions so as not to match up with it.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You all do come forth with blueprints.

You come forth with ideas and plans but you get to choose what you do with those blueprints. You can change them throughout your life.

But you do come forth with them, with those ideas. And when you begin to hit upon points that match, that bring forth great desire in you, that bring forth bliss, that bring forth joy… when you hit on those matching points that you desire, ahh, then you feel the resonance. ~Aaron

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Q: Aaron, the pain I feel…?

Is the disconnect – is where you are not matching up with your magnificence.

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We want you to recognize that the premonitions that you are having, they are vibrating in alignment with fears that are alive in your belief. And so, it is only because of this activation of certain fears, or lower vibrations within you that you are able to catch hold of a premonition that feels negative.

When you recognize that thought – to notice that, to see that, to feel that, that sense of premonition of something that does not feel good, we want you take that and recognize, “Wait a minute. This can NOT be showing its self to me unless I have a similar vibration active within myself.”

Because when you are able to see that you have this matching vibration active within yourself, you can then take it, acknowledge it, see what it truly is, how that vibration is alive in you, and from THERE you can shift it. And you will notice as you are able to play with this, be easy with this… but as you feel that shifting coming into being, you will notice that your premonitions will change.

Premonitions are only possibilities.

They are only possibilities. There are always other possibilities that you can activate.

When you see them, you recognize them and you think  “This is what is coming.” Then you are adding power to that vibration and you are aiding in its coming into being.

But when you see it and you recognize it as an alive vibration within yourself that you can shift… when you can see it as the belief that you hold that you can change… you can find evidence of a belief that feels better. Ahhh, you can change the premonition. ~AAron

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