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There are many possibilities for More for you – PLAY with those possibilities.
Play with the lists and the ideas and the noticing and the allowing yourself to light up with what all else is possible.
And begin to notice people, and there are stories out there – it will be easy for you to pick up on this – of those who are living extended lives Joyfully, Happily, creating more.
Mm… and when you stay in that vibration of joyful creation it has more power to keep you In the Joy than the random old thoughts of “Maybe this is all.”
You CAN keep moving forward. You can keep playing.
You delight us with the way that you expand anew and grow. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you FEEL … as you feel the discrepancy between the life that you wish to lead and the life that you have led, you come upon a point of choice, dear one – you come upon a point of choice.

You have so much to gain.
You have so much to gain by moving forward, by moving forward into the knowing that you have, into belief in the knowing that you have, into LIVING the belief in the knowing that you have.
The knowing, in and of itself, put you on the right path, but it doesn’t necessarily fuel your journey.
You give your knowing wheels with your belief and you fuel it with the act of living of the belief in your knowing.
Are you a divine one of the pluralness, or not, dear one?
Are you creating with your vibration, or not?
We love you, dear one. You can have fun with this.
Allow the tears to come if they wish, and wash away the hold that you have on the past.

~Aaron Connection

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All is working out in your highest interest.

As you move forward on this new journey with us,

as you raise your vibration to new heights,

as you enjoy your physical focus through your non-physical vantage point,

as you allow yourself freedom from so many of the restrictions you have previously placed on yourself,

as you allow yourself to move more freely into the joy, into the joy of being, into the joy of being physical, into the joy of being physical and being consciously blended…

ahh, there will be NO DOUBT. You will easily recognize the blissings coming forth in your life.

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We wish for you to know, dear one, this blending (…) will become much more seamless in your life. You will find that as you continue on, as you continue walking this journey, this path… inviting along others with you… your footing will be much more sure as you continue forward.

You have been breaking in your “hiking boots” as it were, up to this point. As you journey forward you will begin to feel more of the comfort, the self-assuredness, residing in your being. ~Aaron

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You are all connected energetically and as you move forward you allow others to move forward also – Because the light will shine through from the possibilities you have come to. ~Aaron

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