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We say: It is ok to nap. It is ok to cry.
Both of those are releasing mechanisms which allow your vibration release from where it currently is. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling without any judgment. Allow yourself to experience what you are experiencing with love.

Allow yourself the opportunity to slip from who you were into who you are.

Nothing is wrong all all, dear one, but the energy is very powerful.

You are making monumental shifts, monumental changes, within your very self, within your body, within your life.

And you may feel that you are wasting time and being lazy in your sleeping at this point, but know that you are allowing the energy to do its work.

We know there are parts of you that doubt us.

But this is a very strong energy, creating great shifts.

And you are much less resistant to the shifting while you are napping.

All is well, dear one. Do not be concerned. Be appreciative that you can feel and you can allow. ~Aaron Connection

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