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Do you ever feel that someone else’s negativity is holding you back?

“We will say to you that you would not be perceiving this in such a FEELING way if you did not have this vibration alive within you.” ~Solarum

The Treehouse group gathered and the question to Solarum was about how the process of buying a house seems to have stalled because of the negativity of the questioner’s husband.
Solarum offers a different perspective.

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Question: What exercise would allow me to become more steady, so I’m not pulled down so easily (by the negativity of others)?

Solarum: Yes, well we would say that in your noticing of the lower vibrations, in your noticing, if you are noticing that the others around you are speaking negatively and you feel yourself going down, what we would invite you to do is to –

You can begin by placing your hand upon your heart center of your body, yes? Place your hand there.

You can feel the warmth; you can feel the connection. This will allow you to consciously center around your heart, around that vibration of love within you.

We would invite you to place your hand there to allow yourself to center, breathe deeply into it, and allow yourself to emit the vibration of love, yes?

Know that your core is one of Love. Know that you are surrounded by Love. And allow yourself to emit this Love, to shine it forth from you, like a beacon. You can, within your mind’s eye, envision this Love rippling out from you, shining out from you, and washing over all of those around you, yes? washing over all of those who could benefit from the touch of Love.

You need not change anything for anyone, but by centering yourself and consciously choosing to emit this vibration of Love, you do benefit others vibrationally, and you benefit yourself vibrationally, yes?

We would invite you to then play with this at other times, yes?, this sending forth of the Love vibration.

You can play with this in meditative times also, and send the Love vibration even over yourself, yes?

But by this conscious awareness of your core of Love and your ability to shine it forth, to activate it, yes, you will strengthen that muscle. This will become second nature for you, to activate Love rather than dipping into the negativity.

Love Shine

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As you are putting out beliefswhich are vibration – as you are putting out beliefs that say, “This food, this thing harms my body. It is a harmful thing.” We wish to tell you there is no such thing.

There are no harmful things without belief. It all comes down to your belief about them.

Now, we do not wish for you to deny your beliefs or your perception of this. But when you notice that there is something that is not in harmony with you, look for that which IS in harmony with you. Look for that which resonates with your joy, with your energy, with the deliciousness that your life truly is.
Look for that which is in harmony and allow yourself to recognize that which is not resonating with you – but we invite you to not give additional energy by gifting that negativity with more power, or to say that “this is not a good thing,” because there are others out there who can ingest what is not a good thing for you and they may not have any issue with it at all. ~Aaron Connection

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It is Oh, so much more freeing to allow ones self to Recognize what you are feeling. Because when you are feeling Fear, Negativity, Lacking… when you are feeling that from your human perspective, this is an Indicator.

It is an Indicator, it is Not a JUDGMENT.

When you can look at the indicator, and Acknowledge what it is speaking to you, you can then choose otherwise.
You can then take the actions or the focusing of your attention on Appreciation, but we Do invite you to recognize the indicators. For when you do not pay attention to the indicators, ah, the indicators keep getting stronger in your life. This is where, very often, people develop diseases because the indicator is trying to show itself more strongly. ~Aaron Connection

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The words don’t matter. It’s the feeling that you have from the words that matters.
And so, we say don’t worry about shifting yourself on an issue where you feel resistance or negativity. Instead, look around you, find what you can focus on with appreciation and feel appreciation. Find something else that you appreciate… FEEL appreciation and you will flow into the knowing of the answer that you left behind. ~Aaron

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