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We are beginning to take you new places. (laughter)
And you may wonder how many more new places we can take you!

And of course, we say there is always MORE, dear one. There is always more.

And we say that we work with you in interaction, in conjunction, with where you BE, with where you are going.

We have the knowing. We have the satisfaction, the ease, of knowing how this will all turn out. Yes?

And this does not mean that it is already written. Yes?

It means that we know of the divine unfolding. We know of our connection to you in this moment that is Now as we know all moments.

We do not have to be limited to your timeline perspective, for our perspective is beyond that. ~Solarum


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You are ready for a new paradigm – not only in your life – in your world.
You are ready for a new paradigm. Many are beginning to recognize this. Yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You get the opportunity to lead many different lives within this one life. It is your choice and your creation and you are not the person that you were before – although you have strings attached. Strings – nothing more. But you are a completely New Creation. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to acknowledge you for understanding Your Creative Role in all of this that you are experiencing, and we wish to say that you are doing so well, but you will recognize that you have remnants of an old belief that is still resonating for you. You have remnants of an old belief that hold you back from allowing yourself to experience the fullness of what you truly desire. And this is – it is only a belief that you have created. And in the same way that you created THAT belief you can create a NEW belief.
And we will invite you to spend some time, after our discussion, you can spend a little time looking back over the different occurrences where you have felt that things worked out and then there was something that was something that wasn’t quite right about it, and to look over that…
and what we want you to do is look for the Evidence that you may have Missed or Overlooked before, or not given enough Power to before – the evidence that shows where things were going Just Right and where a doorway has been left OPEN – even where it seems that it was ended in a way that wasn’t exactly as you would have wished.
We will tell you, the doorway is still open for good to be perceived by you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are in a place, in a space within your life where you can create anew. We Know and Feel and resonate with your great power and ability to bring more light into your world. And We enjoy being on the ride with you. And we appreciate you and others like you who have gone forth into this experience for the expansion of us all.
And we can see that you are taking in so much, that your loving and appreciative focus will change your experience for the better and you will be a shining light for others.
As you are now, it will be more so. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would like to address with you, just a little bit here…
the idea of your ego being a problem, and we will say: you don’t need to worry about that so much.
What is actually happening is just remnants of old beliefs that you have built up through your life and they are easily shifted, recreated when you recognize them as such.
When you recognize that they are just beliefs that you built from the playdo of your life… you took bits and pieces here and you built it. And because it is very playdo-like and creative in nature, you can squish it and reform it into a new belief. ~Aaron

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When relationships are loosed from your life… there are new ones awaiting.
And as you focus in joy… as you invite them in, as you send out your vibrational invitations, you will be drawn together, dear one.
You’ve seen this before in your life.
Yes. You have seen this before. You will see this again. ~Aaron

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