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Calling you forward into strengthening your confidence in the Love that you BE,
into bringing this through with greater stability into your physical experience. ~Solarum

Question re: scary or uncomfortable world/personal events
“I think that the physical reality is that when it comes close to you and you are faced with it possibly impinging on your life or that of your loved ones, the fear comes up, and I wanted to ask you, is it actually possible, when we’re in physical, to maintain love and not fear, when it’s coming physically close?”

We would say Yes, dear one. Yes, we would say yes.
Now we will say that, the way that you get there is by strengthening your confidence in the love that you be, as we have spoken about.

We would say that you and the others like you,
who are opening more fully to the love that you be,
who are opening more fully to recognizing your connection with nonphysical in your expression in physical,
that you are the ones who are changing your world experience.
And through the energy of the Love
that you are recognizing,
that you are nurturing,
that you are growing,
that you are flowing from you…
even when there are smaller numbers of you who are doing this than the larger numbers who are in fear,
when you are practicing this,
when you are growing with this,
it benefits your entire world experience,
because you stand as an example of what is possible through love.

So in your physical experience—and you have come to the point where you recognize on many levels your creative power in your experience,
the power of your appreciation,
your celebration,
your love,
your focus in all these ways of being,
that you are creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for yourself, by focusing in these ways.
Now, you still have the limiting beliefs within you around what seems to be bigger and more scary, yes?
These attacks on—whether it be an attack on your energy or an attack on your physical being or physical location or physical location near to you—
we understand that this begins to bring up fear, and we say Congratulations. Yes?
Congratulations for being at the space where you recognize that Something More Is Possible,
that you do not have to be held bound by the fears that have held you bound before, yes?

And so we invite you to begin to strengthen your confidence in the love that you be.
And we would invite you to practice with sending love from you to the others around you,
to others who you love who are at a distance from you,
to those you may hear about through your news, who you feel inspired to send them love, to help to uplift them…
As you practice doing this, when you are coming from a space of comfort, from a space of ease, you are strengthening your muscles to Be Loving, yes?
And we know that you spoke to our Little One in your conversation before, that love and fear cannot exist together, yes?,
but you can begin to recognize when you feel fearful,
that you have a Choice to flip a switch,
to move into love, for that is where your true power is, yes?
And through practicing sending love From You,
in those moments when you are Not under fear for your life,
when you are comfortable,
to practice this daily,
to practice this in your morning or when you are out and about,
just sending love,
sending love from you,
that you will strengthen those muscles so that it is easier for you to switch from the fear, to the flowing of love. ~Solarum

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We will say that your major lesson is to focus in love for you. And where you feel hurt, we want you to love that part. We want you to be able to recognize the parts of yourself that are hurt as Little Ones that you would want to love, that you would want to nurture. You would want nothing more than love for those hurts within you. You want nothing more than love and peace for those worried pieces within you. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We are going to invite you to play with loving your body, nurturing your body.
In the mornings, before you ingest anything else, we invite you to Consciously ingest a full glass of water. And we wish for you to BLESS this water, IMBUE this water with high vibration in any way that feels right to you.
But we wish for you to CONSCIOUSLY, before you drink it, consecrate this water. Consecrate this water with love, with physical enjoyment, with abundance, with whatever it is that you would like to be flowing and vibrating through your body, and resonating through your body.
And then, slowly drink this water as a prayer of appreciation.

The water is so important for your physical being. Important for the alignment of your physical being with your spiritual self. And we know that there are many who have many beliefs and fears about water and if you find yourself having any of those, do whatever you need to do to the water for yourself to feel good about ingesting water.
But, we invite you to ingest this consecrated water as a prayer for your body – A prayer of appreciation and love. And, mmm, we can see you envisioning it moving through your body, this water flowing through your body and soothing your body, easing your body, creating a vibrational barrier or magnet of love, so that which you ingest afterwards will come into harmony with the water that is flowing through your body.
Play with that. ~Aaron Connection

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