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Discussion re: a question about what part of me is unique if we are all One?

::: You wish to know the Golden Thread that is you, and we will say that you are CREATING the Golden Thread that is you by living this experience, yes? You are creating your uniqueness… You are creating your uniqueness and because you Are, because you are Here, because you have ventured forth into the Great Unknown, yes? you have created a Golden Thread of you. Yes?

But we will say that the Golden Thread of you is so intricately woven into the Oneness, that there is a point where you can recognize the value of the Golden Thread that is you in creating the overall pattern of the One. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)


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Release all that is not love. Fill back up with the love again.
Remember you are never alone. We are with you always and we ARE pure positive love, we ARE the love that is. We are your touchpoint to the love that is. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you have chosen to come forth at this time in the timeline, in the physical timeline on your planet, the interactions at this time, the awakening at this time, the remembering at this time, is greater than ever before. There is much more to come, much more to unfold to, but at this point there are great numbers on your planet who have reached an understanding, an ability to connect with where they be, with the possibilities, with spirit, to blend together into the triune beings that you are.

We are calling to you, we are speaking to you at all times and as you choose to tune in to us, to listen for our call, to listen for your connection, as you do this you are better able to recognize our words, to recognize your knowing through us, to recognize that you are all one.

You are all one who can connect your intentions, who share your intentions as they ripple out through your pluralness and are reflected back to you through one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Each one of you coming forth is coming forth from the same source.

You are all individual experiences of the Oneness, so there is not one who is lacking for that connection. Now they may have turned away from the acknowledging of who they truly be, but they are not lacking in that connection. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We are with you. There is not a moment where we are not with you, dear one. There is not a moment where we are not with you.

Yes, your focused attention and opening to us helps you to recognize that we are here – but we are always here. We are always with you.

We are always loving you. We are always playing. We are always knowing where you are going, yes? We are always knowing the possibilities of your highest joy and greatest expansion. We are always knowing. We are always loving. There is not one moment that we are concerned for you. There is not one moment that we sit in worry for you.
For we know who you be. We know you are the same as we. Yes?

We delight in you, our little one. We delight in all the others, and we will say that there is not ONE on this planet for whom we sit in concern or worry. We know. We know. We know beyond the limitations of a physical body. And YOU, are not limited to the knowing of your physical body. You are expressing into a physical body but the bigger part of you is still beyond that physical body. You have not crammed all that you be within your physical body! You have not, our dear one.

You are so much more than that. And from the part that is not crammed within your body you easily know all is well. All is really, really good, dear one. You are doing beautifully. You are creating expansion. Even when you experience those moments of feeling stuck or of feeling that there is not forward motion, mm, that is compacting your energy into a combustion point. Yes?

(Vibrational Answering)

There is so much love here for you, and you have greater access than you allow yourself. Dip in! Notice the love in your life. Apply your focus, pay attention, and notice where love is showing up in your life. Notice where you are feeling love or where you are seeing love.

Allow yourself to practice the noticing of the love in your life and this will help you to feel, to recognize, to know more fully the love that we always are flowing to you, dear one. Open up to this love by noticing more love.

And we will say that, in your physical focus, when you are allowing yourself to notice what is going wrong with others, you are holding yourself apart from the purity of the love that we be – of the love that you be when you are more fully in connection with us.

We are with you in great love – ALWAYS – in all ways. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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My friends, I spent a great deal of time literally in the closet with Aaron.
May I introduce them with love to you now. ~Stephanie Udana

What we will say to you when you ask “What is the truth?” The truth is what you create it to be. Your beliefs, your experiences create your truth – and you can Recreate your truth. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

You are much more powerful than you know when you address the vibration that you BE. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Playlist – Watch. Or not.
Watch all that are up so far, or pick and choose.
Just have fun with it.


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We work in the EVER NOW.
We are not on your time frame. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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