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Now what we will say to you is that when we speak of the Monetization of Appreciation, what we are bringing forth for you is the opportunity to have an awareness of the resonance of different vibrations and what they allow into your experience, yes?

And so when you are in a vibration in your experience that feels really really good, you are allowing into your experience other things that feel really really good. And if ease and financial security and abundance are something that feels really really good to you, when you are feeling appreciation, when you are feeling joyful, when you are feeling giggly and in love with life, with others, with yourself, when you are feeling those things, you are an open doorway to every other thing that feels good in your experience.

And so if abundance, if an excess of opportunities and money feel good to you, they can get in more easily when you are feeling these high-flying vibrations. And so we wish to say to you, that if that is a focus of yours, we wish for you to recognize that you can take and balance your vibration that you are feeling with money or abundance that you would like to allow. And so you can give it a monetary value in your life.

Whereas, when you are feeling not so good, when you are feeling depressed or lethargic or ill, that might not allow through the money. And so, if you were to try to monetize the feeling, of feeling lethargic or ill or depressed, you would not put a very high monetary value to that in your experience. But if you are feeling bliss, if you are feeling love, if you are feeling giddy, if you are feeling appreciation, those are really worth something, yes? and you can put the good feeling, high number abundance equal with those vibrations, and you can expect to allow it through.

And so you are creating a sense of expectation when you are adding and recognizing the resonance of high value with the high vibrations.

And we will say to you that very often the easiest way to get into the higher vibrations is to go the way of appreciation. Appreciation is a doorway to many of the other higher vibrations but it is something that you can DO, yes?

Appreciation can be an action that you can take from your physical experience to get into the higher vibrations.

And this is why we talk about the monetization of appreciation, because appreciation can be an action that you can take, yes? And rather than it being some hard work, that most associate with money, with value – they think they have to work hard – but if you take the action of appreciation, that has much more value than any hard work you could ever do. ~Solarum

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*Questioner feeling great release with tears.*

Yes, when you release, you are releasing so much.
There has been so much opportunity in your life to build up beliefs and resistance to your true flowing of connection to your source.
You have built up beliefs of limited physical … of the limited physical variety and Ohhh, the tears… we applaud your tears.
We applaud your tears.
It takes great strength of spirit to allow your physical self to break down to release those tears.
It is a very good thing. ~Solarum

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So many who HAVE the money, have grown concerns around “keeping” the money.
And at this point in your process, in your growth, you have recognized the flow of it.
And as you move from this point, if you can allow yourself to grow in this idea of the flowing of abundance, of there being no need to “hold on” tightly with fear, because the flow can remain steady for you.

The flow can increase for you, but we love playing with you because you are at a point where you can take this knowing and grow with it, so that when you have the millions at your disposal, you will not feel the need to hold so tightly to it that it makes you feel lacking.

And oh that happens with so many – their fear around the losing of it makes them feel the lacking of it. But with you, you are in such a powerful position of recognizing and enjoying and increasing the flow of money, of abundance, of opportunity – Yes? ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

RE: What may cause you to believe that you are picking up on vibrations that may be “off” in those around you.

We will say, you are very perceptive. You will notice where that matching point is in you. You will notice where that old belief is in you. You will notice what memory it is that is being activated by this feeling. Yes? And sometimes that is what it is, it is a memory that you have still held onto, and it can be activated and it will show you where you have this belief contained within you that you can release. And we will say What Joy We Feel when you notice this with the understanding that you can release it in the noticing of it.
Yes. Because when you notice it and you are trying to figure it out and work it out and figure out what the problem is with this other person, yes, we will say That does not elicit the great joy from us that it does when you notice it and you understand that this is an opportunity for you to let go of an old belief and open more fully into who you truly be.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You get the opportunity to lead many different lives within this one life. It is your choice and your creation and you are not the person that you were before – although you have strings attached. Strings – nothing more. But you are a completely New Creation. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you are in connection with us, ahhh, we help to bring you into a more blended state – but you have to do your part also.
And so, when you are in this blended state you are Physical, and you are a Thinker, but you are Spirit and you are activating all aspects of yourself together. This is the highest form of bliss.
This is why you come forth into physical – for the opportunity of experiencing the bliss of being a blended being. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When the weight begins to come on in those situations it is like Padding for you. It is a way of your body reacting to add padding to protect you, yes?

And when you do not feel the need for that protection, when you are feeling well, when you are feeling Vibrant, then yes you can release that and let that go. But we would invite you to notice and to acknowledge it lovingly, “Yes. I can appreciate that this is my body’s reaction to pad me, to comfort me, to wrap me up and take care of me in a way.”

So when you can acknowledge it in that way, that it is not a Bad Thing, that is an attempt at comfort – when you can acknowledge that and recognize that you don’t need that comfort, that you don’t need that kind of protection you can let go.

And we will take this opportunity to speak this to our little one that she has experienced much the same thing – when she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in connection with the likes of us, Yes?

When she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in this way, she would pad herself so that she would not be seen because in her beliefs, when she had the extra weight she was not visible to people as when she does not have the extra weight. And so it was an invisibility cloak for her in that way.

Yes. You use your body very magically. Very magically. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Begin to look at your doubt in new ways.

Begin to look at your doubt as opportunity for discovering, for discovering anew.

Begin to examine your doubt along with examining your new understanding, the expansion you have, the evidence you have… take it all in, dear one. We invite you to honor the experience that you are having.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It is not about you missing an opportunity to follow your bliss. Those opportunities will be there. Those opportunities are not going anywhere. Those opportunities are not hampered by those around you at all. Those opportunities keep coming – keep coming.
And as you find your stronger alignment, as you recognize where you have some old beliefs, where you have some old energetic ties that you no longer want, you are able to shift, to acknowledge that, to release that, to move more towards where you wish to be. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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Appreciation is such a wonderful key for you. And we would invite you to appreciate at every moment that you can.
Appreciate all the delightful experiences, all of the GIANT WONDERFUL things and all of the teensy tinesey wonderful things that you notice.
We wish for you to feel appreciation, to give thanks, because you have created this wonderful opportunity for yourself. And we would invite you to keep notebooks filled with the things that you appreciate – the small details about your relationships – your children, your spouse, the people who you meet momentarily, the people who are in your life in larger loving ways.
Things will truly, truly change for you. ~Aaron Connection

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