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It is ok that you think that it sucks because that is part of calling you towards a higher understanding and it is the gap in between what your source self knows and what your physical, culturally trained mind has come to think of. It is that distance, that tugging and pulling and not-quite-being-there that feels painful to you. ~Aaron

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And sometimes people are asking so strongly that when the answer occurs it is almost like a crack in their reality – like a break.

It can be experienced in a painful way, but it can open up your reality into new understandings. ~Aaron

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There is no need for you to go forward in the pain.

You CAN change this to love. You CAN change this to love.

It is always in your control, how you perceive. Always, Stephanie.

Matters not what they are doing. Matters not what they are doing.

You, dear one, are powerful.

You are a powerful creator because of your consciousness about it. ~Aaron

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Acknowledge that

When you say that you, right now, have pain associated with “_ fill in the blank“:  acknowledge that. The pain means that you don’t have to go there right now.

You do not need to go where there is pain. Go to places where you feel love, where you feel joy, where you feel hope, where you see light glimmering through. ~Aaron

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Q: Aaron, the pain I feel…?

Is the disconnect – is where you are not matching up with your magnificence.

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Each day, just allowing yourself the connection; greeting your Inner Being for a moment and allow yourself a lingering hug and connection with your Inner Being – Your pain can NOT exist within that connection. ~Aaron

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