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We will acknowledge you for the ease with which you are treating yourself today. And we know that there are thoughts and beliefs that are residing beneath, within you still, about the inappropriateness of your ease when your (family members), and so many others are working so hard. But we say to you, our dear one, you can serve as an example of caring for yourself, of loving yourself, of allowing yourself the ease that you need when you need it.
We invite you to fully acknowledge this time, this ease, this peace as being medicinally important and necessary for an easy forward movement in your life dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that your major lesson is to focus in love for you. And where you feel hurt, we want you to love that part. We want you to be able to recognize the parts of yourself that are hurt as Little Ones that you would want to love, that you would want to nurture. You would want nothing more than love for those hurts within you. You want nothing more than love and peace for those worried pieces within you. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We are here, Little One.

You made certain agreements.

There is no need for you to go forward in the pain.

You CAN change this to love.

You CAN change this to love.

It is always in your control, how you perceive. Always, dear one.

Matters not what they are doing. Matters not what they are doing.

You, dear one, are powerful.

You are a powerful creator because of your consciousness about it.

You know that it does not feel good to believe that this is something that was predestined that you must go with.

This was in your blue prints. You recognize that. You recognize the connection and how this was included.

But, little one, you need not continue to build from the blue prints if they are not acceptable to you in this moment.

You have grown. You can shift. You can create beautifully from this expansion point.

You have the power to create. You have the power to change your vibration, to change your perspective and belief on THIS issue.

There are those who can tell you the way it has been planned out.

There are those who can read your blueprints.

Recognize it for what it is. You are the conscious creator.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You know that there is matching vibration of love that can be fully activated when YOU can find it within yourself.

As long as you remain in fear, in worry, in concern, in sadness and grieving… as long as you remain there this will continue as preplanned. Or, you can correct the blue prints now.

You can infuse this situation with love.

You have felt yourself shifting; you have felt yourself recognizing and expanding in ideas.

And yet, you allow fear and grieving to hold you back from the fullness of your understanding – from the fullness of your creation.

There is no need for you to create in this way.

You can find the vibration of love and activate – activate that pure vibration around you. That is all that will touch you.

Activate that vibration around you, dear one.

We invite you to settle back into this.

Ahh, we invite you to breathe deeply.

Allow the love that is you.

Allow the love that IS flow through you.

Quit pinching it off.

Allow yourself to envision any pinching off to be released…

The love and the light flowing through you – unimpeded.

Flowing through you and radiating from you;

Attracting and matching up to that which matches it.

Allow only the love.

Allow yourself to feel this. Allow yourself to envision this.

Allow yourself to know that any situation that is not a match will fall away.

Your love is all they need.

You need not figure anything out for them.

You need not tell them what to do.

You need only love them.

Step back into love.

And when you feel yourself moving away from it, hear us calling you back, calling you back to center, calling you back to love.

We’re always calling you back… Joyfully, embracing you, with love, with light, with a higher knowing…

This love is all that you need know.

And then it’s always fun to go from the place of love and peace to joy, to giddiness…

It’s easy to slip right into that once you’ve reached this vibration of peace and love.

We are always with you.

We remain with you in love, dear.

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We invite you to develop a sense of expectation, a sense of expectation of finding that which will delight you, that which will uplevel you, that which will bring you great joy, great peace, great fun. ~Aaron

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Joy and Peace

You cannot feel the fear while you are residing in Joy and Peace. ~Aaron Connection

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You will find peace with this. It will come to you when you are not feeling around for it. It will come to you when you are spending more time in that loving, higher vibing feeling. All of a sudden you will realize the answer is there, the understanding is there, the appreciation for the unfolding of this experience – as painful as it has seemed – will be visible for you. ~Aaron

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Allow yourself outside in the open and connect. Allow yourself meditation or even just finding peace and quiet and allowing things to flow and you will… Thoughts, ideas, images, feelings will begin to be much more apparent to you and easy for you to find when you give yourself time every day, out in the open, connecting.

What we want you to look for is the feeling place of joy.

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