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re: interactions with young adult daughter

We say to you: We invite you to quit judging her. Yes?

And we invite you, because you are judging in a way that you are … you are perceiving it as love, yes?, but we would say that it is more judgment. It is more a feeling of ‘you knowing what’s better for her’. What we want you to know is what’s better for you.

We would say that you are recognizing this as you are feeling how it does not feel good when you find yourself in that situation, so you are recognizing that does not feel good to you. But you are still having the misconstrued ideas of motherly love, and that you know better. But what we invite you to do is to turn some of that for yourself, yes? Allow YOU to be your primary focus, yes? What is better for you? … Think of this.

Now we want you to love and care for yourself.
You DO know best what is best for you.
You have your guidance system and you do know what is best.
You are not the guidance system for your young one.
And in allowing yourself to recognize that she has her own guidance system, mmmm, things will begin to change for you in your relationship here. And this will require some releasing on your part, yes? Because you have held it for so long in the other way, that you must take care of her, yes? And we invite you to realize that YOU ARE CALLED TO LOVE HER. But loving her does not consist of judgment; it does not consist of worry. That is not love.

And so, we would invite you to hone your loving skills upon yourself, yes?, to tune into your guidance system. …
Love the little one within you, dear. ~Solarum

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All is so very well, dear one.
You are not limited in the ways that you perceived before.
Let your thinking mind out to play. Yes.
Let your thinking mind out to play and Claim that which feels good to you, Claim that which feels best to you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And yes, you are an active participant in this. It is not something that we will just Whammy you with. It is not something we will just whammy you with.

That does not work, because your vibration has to be open and resonant to accept the whammy. We are constantly throwing whammies at you – but unless you are open and resonant enough to let it in, to receive it, to recognize it, to perceive it, to believe it, to experience it, you see nothing. Yes.

Line up with us, dear one. Find that feeling spot. And you need not be in a thinking place. You need not be in the place where you are going over all the details and you know how it’s going to work out and you know exactly what you want it to look like. WE Know exactly what you want it to look like. You don’t even have to get clear on that.

What you do need to get clear on is feeling good – feeling good, having fun, feeling appreciation, awe, delight, love… when you are feeling these things you are letting in the whammies. Yes. We love you.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Comment: I just wanted to express my love and appreciation for Stephanie, especially on her birthday. I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful love group, so full of love and support.
I know that Stephanie is a beautiful shining teacher and the most wonderful thing about her is that she’s also just a normal person, just one of us and that makes … I’ve kind of put her on the level of a beautiful shining teacher but she’s on my level too and that makes me so appreciative of myself and also of the others in the group because we must all be in this together, we must all be beautiful shining teachers to be so attracted to each other and so uplifting of each other and it’s just a really lovely thing.

Aaron: Yes, and we wish to acknowledge you for this recognition of yourself, yes, and of our Little One, that yes, … and we know that there are those who are teachers who you may look at as being very separate or very different from who you be – But we will say that they are not, not one of them is different from who you be, not one of them is better than who you be.

No matter how you may perceive them, no matter how they may have had to secure themselves – yes, many who are great teachers have reached a point where they need to step back a little from the interactions on such a personal level with others, because there have become So Many others – But we will say to you that we appreciate that you have all come together at this time, at this point, where you can connect so intimately, where you can recognize the Teacher, the God within each one of you, where you can recognize your reflection in the other beings that you are interacting with, with the other being that you are resonating with.

We want you to recognize also that there is not one, we repeat this, there is not one on this earth who is better than you, yes.

Your divine purpose shines brightly dear one and we appreciate that you heard the call to be with us at this time and we appreciate that you hear and are following the calls that you receive yourself, yes. Beautiful, Dear One, beautiful. ~ Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Questioner, who advocates for animals, is concerned that she somehow created a negative situation for her beloved pet with a vet.

A: And we will invite you also to play with the word “perceived” rather than the word created – as the word perceived may be a little more gentle on you.
It may be easier for you to understand that it was not that your energy went out there and created a bad situation – it was your Perception of the situation.
And because your perception was on the possibilities of mistreatment so often, it was very easy for you to see That – whereas if your perception were elsewhere, were only on the good and love that people, humans, show to beasts on your planet, you could only have seen that.
The reality is in your perception. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

There is not one thing to fear. And when you find yourself feeling fear, feeling trepidation or hesitation, when you find yourself feeling these things, know that you are mistaken, dear one.
Know that you are perceiving through old beliefs that you once held which are no longer valid for you.
You need not fear any who you perceive as having hurt you in the past. They have no power to hurt you in the future. YOU hold the power, dear one.
It is your perspective through which you determine your feelings.
And if you are feeling fear or you are feeling judged – that has found a resonant spot within you.
Clear it out with love, dear one.
You have recognized the great power to surround yourself with love as you flow love.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will remind you: We are always here and we are here even more than you acknowledge us.
You can find ways to integrate your connection with non-physical energy other than what you are utilizing – more and more ways, you can bring it in more, you can perceive it more in your physical perception.
Be open to this. Be open to this. Remind yourself. Be open to this.
We are with you always. You may perceive us more than you do. Let us in. Play with the idea. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that sometimes the idea of Forgiveness is too hard to move straight into. The idea of Forgiveness often feels like a brick wall that you are trying to get to the other side of. And you feel responsible to “get to the other side” of that brick wall. You feel like that is your Job, that is your necessary duty to find the forgiveness, and we are going to invite you to set aside the idea of forgiveness at first, and what we invite you to do is look for Love.

You are looking for the feeling of love, and the place that you need to begin with this quest is to find love is for yourself, to find love for You at all stages of your BEing. At those stages where you most disliked yourself and you most judge and condemn yourself, your job is to find your way to love for You.

For when you can find love for yourself, this will radiate out, you will be much more able to find love for any others who may have caused you any pain, who may have allowed you to perceive pain in any way. You will find love being reflected back to you in ways that are more powerful than you have ever experienced before when you can find love for yourself.

And we are going to acknowledge that doing this is No Small Task. It is a very large task, but when you find that vibration of love, when you find it for others, you can begin to transfer it to yourself.

We invite you to pay attention, perk up and notice when you feel moments when you feel PURE love, and it may be in relation to seeing a baby, to seeing a small animal, to having memories of some experience, to seeing someone who is being vulnerable, and we invite you to amplify this feeling of love.

Look for opportunities to feel love, to build up the love in your experience. And then, consciously, Amplify the love for yourself. It will change your life. It will change your life to be able to love yourself more purely. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Seeing Evidence of the good stuff that you would like showing up for other people??

Aaron (One Who Is Plural): If it is showing up in your experience where you can see it and you can perceive it – You can create it.

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There is so much vibration for you to play with in this experience! — So much that you have left out of your experience up until recently. — So much that you have not perceived or been open to considering as a possibility.

When you are confined, limited to your physical experience – to that which you believe you see with your eyes, to that which you believe that you feel with your hands, with your skin, that which you believe that you touch, that which you believe that you hear, that which you believe that you understand others to be speaking to you – when you limit yourself in that physical reality, you do become very powerless.

But when you recognize that you are a vibrational being who is not limited by the physical, your experience expands accordingly, dear one.~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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