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Questioner feels Judged by others in her life.

A: We invite you to open yourself to allowing in more people who are in alignment with You in your life. As you build up these people who are in alignment with You – there are countless of them out there. There is no lack of people who are in alignment with you.
We want you to at least recognize them, whether you actually interact with them or not, that’s of no importance. We want you to at least recognize them.
Find them. Go on a search for them in this world and each time you notice one, make note of that; Acknowledge that; acknowledge that you are far from alone in the way that you feel and desire. Place your focus on those people and the ones that you are currently focusing on as judging you will fade away.

Questioner concerned after receiving this answer that his mother will “fade away” from his life.

A: But, Dear One, she herself does not have to fade away. She does not have to fade away from your life. But the PERSPECTIVE of her judging you can completely disappear. It does not need to be there.
Yet, you can retain loving interactions with her. You can build MORE loving interactions with her. It is all possible.
And you, for a long time, have held onto the feeling that you must do certain things to stay in her good graces. This is not true. The truth of that is something you have created and you can try to say, “No” that it is HER, and we are going to tell you that’s bull shit.
You, dear one, it is you. And you have the power to change your relationship with your mother. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you that we were first able to start coming through our little one, Stephanie, doing THIS (vibrational answering) when she had moved to Nashville, when she had isolated herself in her closet and was reaching for the answers that she was not yet ready to put words to. She had not found the space or the trust in her own connection to believe the words as they came through For Her. And through the connection we were utilizing this vibration, this pure vibration to bring the answering to the cells of her being, to the energy of her being. We brought the answering vibration in. …
We will say that … when you are able to let in the vibrations of the answer, that you will be led to the knowing, or you will allow the knowing to unfold in your life.
It is beyond the words that interact with your thinking mind because the words are so imprecise. And the words rely heavily on the vibration behind them. Many times people allow themselves to get caught up in the specific definitions and meanings of the words that they hear. But we are here to tell you – that is not where the meaning is.
The meaning is in the vibration beyond the words. And so, if you would like, we could even end our discussion here, for everything that you were asking for is contained within the vibrational answer that we gave you at the beginning.
But we know that from your physical perspective, it is very fun … it sometimes seems more easy to play with the words. But we will say that even if you do not get your full answering from the words in your interaction with us now, your answering will continue to unfold because of the vibration we left with you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

**from Stephanie: I hope to be sharing more recordings to let you experience a bit of the power of the vibrational answering, or, you are welcome to set up a private Connection and receive your personal Vibrational Answering.**

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We would say that it is a very fun Blueprint that you are all co-creating.

We would explain that before you come forth into these physical expressions you do have a blueprint of what you would like to create: the lessons you would like to learn, the expansion you would like to experience.

We would say, that in your each and every moment you are able to change these blueprints to what may suit you better in this moment. And we would say, that although there is a connection, there is a Big Picture of What Is Happening – you each have your Own Perspective of it. You can find your own way to perceive it and to understand it. And what One says is not true for All. But if you find resonance, if you find that it feels good, and you are enjoying that journey and that perspective, Dive In.

But we wish to let you know that anyone else who has a different perspective, they are not necessarily Wrong and you are Right. You each are creating your own world from your singular perspective. You are creating your own experience. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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*The Questioner had some concern about sharing their stories of good fortune for fear of being perceived as “Bragging.”*

Yes. We invite you to play with that because that is an Old Belief, that is an old idea that you heard when you were much younger that has probably been reinforced to you in different places throughout your life because you did find resonance with that. “I shouldn’t brag. I shouldn’t brag.” But we will say to you: begin looking for others who are sharing about their experiences.
When you pick up on others who are doing it and you see the joy that it brings to them and to others you can begin creating the new belief and strengthening the belief that it is a Good Thing – it is a GENEROUS thing for you to share your stories of creation.
You are Empowering others when you share your stories of creation, when you share your stories of abundance, you are being generous with your vibration.
It is a much different perspective than being concerned that you are “bragging” and you are making others feel bad. When you take on the perspective that you are being generous, that you are sharing, that you are giving a Gift to those around you to allow them to tap into that knowledge of creation – Ah! You will feel even more abundant in the sharing! ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say that your concept of time is a fun one to play with – that it “needs time” to grow, or it “needs time” to work out, and we will say to you, that Time is fully an experience of those of you in physical.
Time is not an element that need be played with from Spirit. From your spirit self, from the pluralness of all spirit, there is no time.
The time is part of the construct of physicality and when you are playing as a Triune Being, when you are more fully connecting with your higher self, Time from your physical perspective becomes much more malleable.
And when you are understanding from your spirit self, when you are in full flow and alignment, and you can feel that alignment with your higher self, when you are – ah, when things in your life are clicking, when you are zinging along, everything seems to be going right, when you are feeling great joy, when you are feeling great love!… any of these moments – when you are FEELING the purity, the fullness of your connection with you higher self, which always exhibits as those highest vibrations of love, appreciation, joy… when you are THERE, you are TIMELESS.
And so, when you allow yourself to be there more and more often – and certainly it is not expected of you to be consistently in that space from your physical perspective – but when you are there more and more often, when you consciously find the way to bring yourself into those spaces, ah, then you are in the True Power that exists with your Connection to Spirit, to the Divine.
And so, the thing that you are wanting to create in your physical experience – the doorway is OPEN when you are There. The doorway is open. ~Aaron Connection

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We wish to speak to you about those who have left your life, about those who WILL Leave your life… We know that there are times that you feel – because of your history together, because of your loving joyful history together – that you should be able to bring them into your Now… that there are times that you want to interact with them in your Now… We will say that it is ok to bless them, to shine love on the connection that you shared, to appreciate the benefit that you received from your connection and to allow yourself to move forward.

Allow your thoughts to be loving. But enjoy your Now perspective. Enjoy those who are Now in your life. The right people will be drawn to you.

There is no need to try to make an old relationship fit the mold of a new relationship that you are ready for… are in alignment with now. ~Aaron Connection

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YES. Yes. And we LOVE the words that you used of: vibrational memory. It is exactly that.

And when you tune into those words, they will play a melody through your body that you will recognize.

And we invite you to… and we know where Stephanie has done this before, ah we know where many of you have done this before – where you feel these vibrational memories, you have this sense of knowing, and yet you have your physical perspective holding you back from admitting the full knowing that you have.

And we invite you to just play with that – to just allow yourself to feel it (…) What we would invite you to do, we would invite you to meditate on this, to feel your way into this position, into this space of vibrational memory that you have.

We invite you to write it out. We invite you to write it all out. Try not to censor yourself.

When the knowings feel too fantastical, too unreal for your – we invite you to go ahead and let it out. Write it out. Write everything that comes to you and then…

You have great knowings that you are holding back on with this. And it is so much fun – so much fun to play with this.

And you placed this here for yourself. Yes. Yes.

Great fun with this one.

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You have the power to create. You have the power to change your vibration, to change your perspective and belief on THIS issue.

There are those who can tell you the way it has been planned out.

There are those who can read your blueprints.

Recognize it for what it is.

YOU are the conscious creator. You can infuse this situation with love.

You know that there is matching vibration of love that can be fully activated when YOU can find it within yourself.

As long as you remain in fear, in worry, in concern, in sadness and grieving… as long as you remain there this will continue as preplanned. Or, you can correct the blue prints now. You can infuse this situation with love. ~Aaron

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From your spirit self there is no time – there is timelessness and the ability to flow throughout physical time without constraint.

From your physical perspective there certainly is time, but because you are a triune being, because you are also spirit, you can begin to play games with time and recreate time in a way that feels better to you. ~Aaron

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And, we wish for you to recognize that your lessons are not being thrown at you. You are inviting the lessons. You are inviting the lessons… and it is your perspective – it is your singular perspective that allows you the interpretation that you have, the interaction that you have. ~Aaron

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