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Questioner, who advocates for animals, is concerned that she somehow created a negative situation for her beloved pet with a vet.

A: And we will invite you also to play with the word “perceived” rather than the word created – as the word perceived may be a little more gentle on you.
It may be easier for you to understand that it was not that your energy went out there and created a bad situation – it was your Perception of the situation.
And because your perception was on the possibilities of mistreatment so often, it was very easy for you to see That – whereas if your perception were elsewhere, were only on the good and love that people, humans, show to beasts on your planet, you could only have seen that.
The reality is in your perception. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The beasts of your planet are much better vibrational interpreters than humans who live in the societies you have created tend to be.~Aaron

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