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Calling you forward into strengthening your confidence in the Love that you BE,
into bringing this through with greater stability into your physical experience. ~Solarum

Question re: scary or uncomfortable world/personal events
“I think that the physical reality is that when it comes close to you and you are faced with it possibly impinging on your life or that of your loved ones, the fear comes up, and I wanted to ask you, is it actually possible, when we’re in physical, to maintain love and not fear, when it’s coming physically close?”

We would say Yes, dear one. Yes, we would say yes.
Now we will say that, the way that you get there is by strengthening your confidence in the love that you be, as we have spoken about.

We would say that you and the others like you,
who are opening more fully to the love that you be,
who are opening more fully to recognizing your connection with nonphysical in your expression in physical,
that you are the ones who are changing your world experience.
And through the energy of the Love
that you are recognizing,
that you are nurturing,
that you are growing,
that you are flowing from you…
even when there are smaller numbers of you who are doing this than the larger numbers who are in fear,
when you are practicing this,
when you are growing with this,
it benefits your entire world experience,
because you stand as an example of what is possible through love.

So in your physical experience—and you have come to the point where you recognize on many levels your creative power in your experience,
the power of your appreciation,
your celebration,
your love,
your focus in all these ways of being,
that you are creating a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for yourself, by focusing in these ways.
Now, you still have the limiting beliefs within you around what seems to be bigger and more scary, yes?
These attacks on—whether it be an attack on your energy or an attack on your physical being or physical location or physical location near to you—
we understand that this begins to bring up fear, and we say Congratulations. Yes?
Congratulations for being at the space where you recognize that Something More Is Possible,
that you do not have to be held bound by the fears that have held you bound before, yes?

And so we invite you to begin to strengthen your confidence in the love that you be.
And we would invite you to practice with sending love from you to the others around you,
to others who you love who are at a distance from you,
to those you may hear about through your news, who you feel inspired to send them love, to help to uplift them…
As you practice doing this, when you are coming from a space of comfort, from a space of ease, you are strengthening your muscles to Be Loving, yes?
And we know that you spoke to our Little One in your conversation before, that love and fear cannot exist together, yes?,
but you can begin to recognize when you feel fearful,
that you have a Choice to flip a switch,
to move into love, for that is where your true power is, yes?
And through practicing sending love From You,
in those moments when you are Not under fear for your life,
when you are comfortable,
to practice this daily,
to practice this in your morning or when you are out and about,
just sending love,
sending love from you,
that you will strengthen those muscles so that it is easier for you to switch from the fear, to the flowing of love. ~Solarum

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Certainly you will recognize that throughout our interactions with everyone, we very often like to play with inserting clues because of the inability of those in physical to fully take it all in yet.

They are asking questions, yes, very often from your physical you are asking questions, you want the answers, but you are not ready for the fullness of it because there are so many nuances, so much shading to be gained from the Experience in your physical.

And yes, these clues work very well, because when it is unfolding, as the answering is unfolding more fully, THEN they recognize the clue, and they can appreciate the tying together, and they can appreciate the gift of the clue. Yes.

And from your physical experience, even though there is the asking, even though there is the asking to Know, to Know, to Know, your desire of the experience of being physical is to enjoy the unfolding, yes, to experience being a part of the unfolding, and the joy of seeing “oh yes, there was that route sign. I did so good. I followed the path and I came here. I made it here.”

And from your physical experience you are much better able to take ownership of the experience when it is allowed to unfold through clues rather than being bashed over the head with the entire knowing. Yes?

And WE, from non-physical, we want you to be Empowered Beings. We want you to be empowered. We want you to enjoy the thrill of learning, of growing, of being more in this now moment than you were in the now moment just before. Yes. That is WHY you are here. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Discussion re: a question about what part of me is unique if we are all One?

::: You wish to know the Golden Thread that is you, and we will say that you are CREATING the Golden Thread that is you by living this experience, yes? You are creating your uniqueness… You are creating your uniqueness and because you Are, because you are Here, because you have ventured forth into the Great Unknown, yes? you have created a Golden Thread of you. Yes?

But we will say that the Golden Thread of you is so intricately woven into the Oneness, that there is a point where you can recognize the value of the Golden Thread that is you in creating the overall pattern of the One. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Question: I know it’s a powerful dream world I live in… is that the purpose of me not being able to focus in this world as well as most people?

Aa: What we would say about That, about your “not being able to focus as well in this world as most people,” what we would say is that it is because of your Greater focus in the other realities – or dreams, as you are calling them. Yes?

You may choose to call them either other realities or other dreams. It is all the same thing. And we will say that the physical experience that you are all enjoying, yes, the physical experience that you are enjoying is just another dream, yes? It is just another dream. We will say that MOST of you, when you come into physical, do lose the focus on the other dreams. Yes? Because the physical dream seems so Imminent. Yes? It seems so REAL and it is trained into you to be real, but we will say that You have been able to maintain your focus in the other worlds.

Now, for those of you who can maintain, or re-establish your focus in the other dreams (Yes?), in the other dream, those of you who can do that will often find a lessening of the focus in the physical dream. Yes. But, you can also … you can use this to your advantage. You can use this to your advantage in your physical dream because you are able to release many of the limitations that others hold upon their physical experience. Yes?

And so, through your focus in the other dreams, you are able to release many of the limitations that others hold in physical.
Now, we will say to the rest of you who are listening to this conversation, that it is possible for you to re-establish a greater knowing of the other dreams that are available. Yes. It is possible for you and we would say that Many of you – if not most or all of you, yes – would like this ability to focus more fully into the other worlds. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You are here, our dear one, for the experience of being physical. You are here for the experience of blending it all together and coming away from it with greater understanding, with great expansion, with more fun than ever before. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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There is so much vibration for you to play with in this experience! — So much that you have left out of your experience up until recently. — So much that you have not perceived or been open to considering as a possibility.

When you are confined, limited to your physical experience – to that which you believe you see with your eyes, to that which you believe that you feel with your hands, with your skin, that which you believe that you touch, that which you believe that you hear, that which you believe that you understand others to be speaking to you – when you limit yourself in that physical reality, you do become very powerless.

But when you recognize that you are a vibrational being who is not limited by the physical, your experience expands accordingly, dear one.~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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The (physical) journeys chosen may seem hard and painful.

We will tell you that all is well in the divine plan. All is well, dear one.
And yes, there is pain through physical… and we share love.

And we send forth to you this love also, our dear one. For in the roles that you have chosen in this physical experience, you have your own points of expansion, and you have the job of finding the balance that works best for you and those around you.

Line up with love. Line up with love at every point you possibly can. Let this be your core compass.
Remain in. Return when necessary to the love that you know, to the love that you be.
You are not alone. No one of you is alone.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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