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All is going very well, dear one.
There are plans in place.
You do not need to worry about doing anything that feels too hard.
When you are open to the love that you Be, to the love that We BE, we can easily get you there, dear one.
You are going to have so much fun with this ride….
You are. We will remind you. Yes.
We are here to play with you.
We delight in you.
We love you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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So much is being planned for you behind the scenes.
So much is being created for you, by you, that has not yet been made visible or been brought into visible perception YET. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We know that your physical mind returns again and again to trying to figure it out, trying to plan it out, trying to work it out: “How can I bring more money into my experience? How can I bring more abundance, more connection into my experience?”

And once again, we tell you: the abundance shows up when you return to bliss again and again, when you return to appreciation again and again, when you make the conscious choice – when you make the conscious choice to choose the feelings that feel better to you, when you make the conscious choice to enjoy the life that is before you now, when you make the conscious choice to be playful, to have fun, to know that all is well.

When you are TRYING to work things out, to figure things out, you are holding yourself in place, you are spinning your wheels so to speak… but when you are just enjoying yourself, when you fling open the doors in your life and let the air in, when you appreciate, when you laugh, when you play… this cues up the abundance for you. ~Aaron

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You all do come forth with blueprints.

You come forth with ideas and plans but you get to choose what you do with those blueprints. You can change them throughout your life.

But you do come forth with them, with those ideas. And when you begin to hit upon points that match, that bring forth great desire in you, that bring forth bliss, that bring forth joy… when you hit on those matching points that you desire, ahh, then you feel the resonance. ~Aaron

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