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We wish for you to know that sometime in physical when you are really “working the processes,” and coming into alignment, sometimes you can allow yourself to get bogged down by the details, to become caught in the concerns about doing it Just Right, and we wish for you to allow yourself a little bit of freedom in that, and a little more release and playfulness in that – even if it is just for a few moments a day.
Allow yourself some playfulness, some daydreaming, easily – possibly along the lines of “Wouldn’t it be fun if this happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if that happened? Wouldn’t it be fun if we had this experience?” and allow yourself to be playful with it, to be a little more unattached to it and playful. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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As you think about your anniversary, … as you think about the love you share, as you think about the life you have created together, as you think about what is wonderful and what wonderful experiences you would like to have from here, we would invite you to honor this anniversary in a way that is focused upon connection between the two of you rather than on how many exciting things you can plan.

We would say, that you can certainly find yourself in some beautiful place on this earth – which there are countless beautiful places – a place that will inspire your appreciation, your connection with this world, your connection with one another – your connection with your playfulness and your lovingness, and your Visioning for the lives that you are creating.

What do you want to create, dear one? How do you want to play? How does he want to play? How do you want to play together?

Focus on the beauty of the time together, honoring the journey you have taken thus far, and the journey you are on now. BE LOVE. BE appreciation. BE playfulness, dear one. Be the creation of many more journeys together.

But allow yourself to recognize: This is so easy for you to love one another.
It is so easy for you to love one another. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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What we will say to you is that there is so much more room in your life for love and for fun and for appreciation. When you focus on the love that you can share, that you can be, when you focus on the appreciation that you feel in your experience, in your noticing, when you allow yourself to relax into ease and playfulness and inspiration, ah, everything is bubbling for you then, dear one. Everything is bubbling for you then.

We will say that it is ok for you to notice your preferences, for you to notice whatever you happen to notice in your experience. But we would invite you to feel your way into it when you notice something that feels like judgment to you, that feels like a withholding of love to you… well, we invite you to love. We invite you to appreciate and yes, very often, appreciation is an easy way to shift from feeling a withholding of love to feeling a flowing, an immersing in love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We would not speak of it necessarily as a “healing,” we would speak of it as Aligning Energy. And that is what healing truly is – aligning the energy with All-That-Is. All-That-Is is pure love, pure joy. ~Aaron

Audio clip that discusses aligning with desires through playfulness and includes some Aligning energy… Listen In

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