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In each and every moment if you choose to have fun,
if you choose to enjoy where you are in that moment rather than worry about how you are going to get to where you want to be,
if you relax into the joy that is possible in the moment, mmm, getting where you want to be will flow seamlessly, dear one. ~Solarum

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You will feel the pieces falling into place. Yes. They will slip right in. You need not be concerned.
You feel yourself being nudged this way, or a little over that way… Yes. Stay focused on the love, stay focused on the Possibility and the Malleability of your experience in physical. It is not hard and fast. It is not unchangeable. You are not set on a track with no way out.
It is play-dough, dear one. It is play-dough.
If you wish to have a joyful experience you may create that.
If you wish to have a loving experience you may create that.
If you wish to have a miraculous experience you may create that. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will say to you, we will say to our Little One, and anyone else you wish to share this with, that when you come forth with gifts of love, you will receive more than you could imagine possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Wonderful. Well, we will start with your discussion about the possibility of a new partner in your life. And we will say to you that we feel, we acknowledge the great vibration of love that is around you. We will invite you in your journey towards connection with your ideal mate, we would invite you to focus also on loving yourself, on truly appreciating what a wonderful being you are and how much you have to share.
And we would invite you to allow yourself moments every day of truly appreciating and acknowledging yourself, for as you are amplifying this vibration of love for yourself you will be magnetized to receiving love from others. And so, the more you are focusing lovingly on yourself, the more you can receive loving focus from others, and this will help to magnetize you in a powerful way.
Another suggestion that we would have for you is to truly focus on what you love, admire and appreciate about the others in your life – no matter who they are and what kind of relationship they may have to you. Be on the lookout for the best parts of everyone that you interact with. Make note of it and allow your thoughts to play with these ideas and things that you love about others that you are in relationship with – AND, with others that you may not be in relationship with but who come into your experience in some way that allows you to notice things that you appreciate about them.
And so, we just invite you to focus more frequently on the aspects that you love in others AND in yourself. By doing this you are, oh, you are amplifying your vibration to a point where the one – or more – who are matches to you will come into your experience. They will be so easy for you to recognize what you appreciate in them because of your focus in your Now on loving yourself and noticing what you love about others.
And, mm, yes, we invite you to continue amplifying that and you may be surprised with how quickly this amplification of the love in your vibration will draw to you what you are seeking. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will tell you, that the UNknowing is important also.
When you have it “figured out” in your mind – where you’re going, how you’re going to get there – ah, that limits you. It puts up walls along your path, and all of the delightful things Source can provide to you, off to the side, you are not able to see because of the walls along your path.
Yes. When you are able to be in this space of Openness – which we very much feel that you are – when you are able to be in this space of openness, and find comfort in the uncertainty, when you can recognize that the uncertainty equates with possibility, Yes, when you recognize that the uncertainty equates with Possibility, you can go so much further than you can with your limited ideas. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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(Answer regarding a Desire held by the “questioner”)

We will say to you that IS; that IS.
We will not even say that it is a possibility because We see it. We know it. We experience it.
And so we say to you: It IS.
And you, our dear one, can line up with the perceiving and the experiencing of the BEing of what we know IS. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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With the vibrational answering, it is much easier to make a connection beyond the “thinker” (Brain) within the being. Beyond the thinker. Connecting with the vibrational being that resides there, the vibrational being that is using the physical being as a vehicle for this experience.

We will say that this also accounts for the power of the soul conversations.

In those instances of soul conversation you are connecting on a vibrational level, and even though you may be thinking words, you may be using words to create the pathway of connection, that vibrational connection – that soul to soul connection, is where the power resides.

By your acknowledgment of your capability to do this – even by the acknowledgment of the POSSIBILITY to do this – when one opens up to the possibility of soul conversation, they are opening beyond: beyond the thinker, beyond the physical, they are opening into the vibrational, the soul level. Have fun with it, dear one.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Begin to look at your doubt in new ways.

Begin to look at your doubt as opportunity for discovering, for discovering anew.

Begin to examine your doubt along with examining your new understanding, the expansion you have, the evidence you have… take it all in, dear one. We invite you to honor the experience that you are having.
~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We will give you the vibration. We will flow the vibration through every cell of your body, that will bring your into resonance with the BEing, the BEing of the vibrational creator that you know is possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Vibrational Answering Audio – Listen and Feel

(under 3 minutes)



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The questioner asked a question about chemtrails regarding her understanding that others believe they are bad, and her feeling that someone is creating in her reality when she sees them. She desires to shift her focus.

Aaron: Yes. Very good. You have created yourself some beliefs about what these chemtrails mean, and you have created beliefs about their potential for harm.

We will say that you can take this topic, your idea of it, and in your consciousness right now you are focused upon the chemtrails and we will say that:

Those of you in physical play with these ideas of the potential for negative effect with many, many different topics.

Oh, so many different people are playing with the ideas of foods that could potentially damage them, they play with the ideas of other people harming one another, they play with the ideas that are put out on your newscasts, your news stories, there seems to be – if you choose to focus on it – the potential for harm to your planet and your physical bodies from countless sources.

And this is the one right now that has come into your focus and we would like for you to recognize that… oh, this is a great gift because you have been given this little irritant, little concern, that by allowing yourself to shift in this you can shift your understanding across multiple levels of possibility in your experience.

We wish for you to recognize that this belief in the potential of harm from something outside of yourself is FALSE.

And, oh people would be so much happier in their lives if they were focusing more on what brings them joy than on the possibility for harm.

And you know this, you know this, you practice it quite well in your life in many ways.

And yet This stands out for you and so, we wish for you to recognize that the only harm that can come to you is that which finds a matching vibration within you.

So when you are noticing these things, we wish for you to recognize THAT truth, that nothing can harm you unless you have that matching vibration, which can often be a vibration of fear, a vibration of concern, a vibration of irritation by what is happening outside of yourself. And it is a reminder. It is an indicator to you that you can fill up on Other vibrations that bring you joy.

And you know this quite well. You can play with anything that brings joy into your life and recognize that the potential for harm from the chemtrails is only an illusion.

Are you willing at this point to go there or do you still have beliefs in… ?

Questioner: No. my question would be, because of the visual thing for me – if I’m driving in the car, … I say to myself, “I love blue skies,” and I’ve gotten this feeling in my heart center of “blue skies and sunshine” and even if the sky was a lot cloudy I would see the little patch of blue and focus on the little patch of blue and try to ignore…

Aaron: Mmm… We are going to give you a more powerful process right here. Rather than trying to look away, when you notice these chemtrails in your vision, we are going to ask YOU from your place of great power – deep in your center you know you have this – We wish for you to infuse those chemtrails with your love and joy.

And it will then be infused with that and will spread THAT out across your earth.

You are going to focus upon them and fill them with your love and joy, good feelings, high vibration, and that is going to be your Fairy Dust. Yes.

Questioner: That feels very good. That opened something. In trying to look away I was still in resistance.

Aaron: You are going to recreate this into your own image of love and joy and you are going to sprinkle THAT across the world.

Questioner: So I’m sending love to the chemtrails so that it’s spreading that where ever it goes?

Aaron: Yes. You are infusing that chemtrail with love so that anywhere that chemtrail goes it will have the love infusion with it. It is a powerful way to create change in your world from something that you saw as a negative into a positive.

Yes, and the resistance within you will completely erase because you will see the benefit of your love spreading across the world. And it will neutralize any negative effects that you believed were there before.

Questioner: That’s delicious. I’m taking that in. I really like that.

Aaron: And we feel that you will do much good with this.

Questioner: It’s like wow, why didn’t I think of that? It seems so logical…

 Aaron: And we will say that when you are in connection with Us the answering comes forth because of You being in the connection. So the answer is based in you – you pulling it forth.

Aaron Connection 2012

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