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Regarding being perceived Negatively:

And it is only your past experiences that have allowed you to create that possibility for being perceived in that way.
You, our dear one, can create this in a way that it shall be perceived by all as goodness, and light, as love.
Dissolve those old beliefs. Flush them away. They do not serve you.
Because you are all One, because you are all Connected, you are all plural extensions of the Oneness… because of this, because of your recognizing this, you can tap into the higher vibrations of love and light, activate that around yourself, within yourself, and that is all that others will be able to see. ~Aaron

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From now on things will not even look so much like mishaps to you anymore because you understand the energy on a deeper level at this point. And you recognize the possibilities in what looks like things going wrong… the possibilities of bringing you more. And it always does as long as you remember that.

And, we will put it to you like this: that feeling that you have, the high vibration, the focus that you put in… it is your Insurance Policy.

And so, you hold this multi-million dollar insurance policy because of your energy and your focus, so that when something “goes wrong” we want you to hear the Ka-Ching of cashing in on your Insurance Policy. ~Aaron (10-8-10)

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Look for these examples, and as you begin to look for them they will show up more and more. And as you see these examples, as you recognize yourself in these other beings who have already had these magnificent experiences… as you see them, gather these experiences, fill your basket with these experiences, and it will become your knowing.

It will become your pure belief that this is, not only possible, it is easy. It is so easy when you connect yourself with the knowing.

And your mother, those around you, they will feel the knowing as it rolls from you. They will feel comforted by the knowing that you will possess.

And when you allow yourself to focus your time and your now moments on finding this evidence, there is no work for you to do right now other than find the evidence and allow yourself to feel good.

And, like magic, things will happen that you could have never worked for. Things will happen into your experience that you could have worked 30 years and never been able to come to this – but you can allow it in through your connection. ~Aaron

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There is the potential for the feeling of perfection within everyone. And as conscious creators, we invite you to choose the filter of love and knowing of the possibility and the strength within each to face the challenges they have chosen. ~Aaron

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We want you to recognize that the premonitions that you are having, they are vibrating in alignment with fears that are alive in your belief. And so, it is only because of this activation of certain fears, or lower vibrations within you that you are able to catch hold of a premonition that feels negative.

When you recognize that thought – to notice that, to see that, to feel that, that sense of premonition of something that does not feel good, we want you take that and recognize, “Wait a minute. This can NOT be showing its self to me unless I have a similar vibration active within myself.”

Because when you are able to see that you have this matching vibration active within yourself, you can then take it, acknowledge it, see what it truly is, how that vibration is alive in you, and from THERE you can shift it. And you will notice as you are able to play with this, be easy with this… but as you feel that shifting coming into being, you will notice that your premonitions will change.

Premonitions are only possibilities.

They are only possibilities. There are always other possibilities that you can activate.

When you see them, you recognize them and you think  “This is what is coming.” Then you are adding power to that vibration and you are aiding in its coming into being.

But when you see it and you recognize it as an alive vibration within yourself that you can shift… when you can see it as the belief that you hold that you can change… you can find evidence of a belief that feels better. Ahhh, you can change the premonition. ~AAron

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You are all connected energetically and as you move forward you allow others to move forward also – Because the light will shine through from the possibilities you have come to. ~Aaron

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Take nothing as a rule, take it only as evidence of possibilities. ~Aaron

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