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Questioner was concerned about negative effects from Chemtrails and was trying to look away, but still feeling bad about them.

A: Mmm… We are going to give you a more powerful process right here. Rather than trying to look away, when you notice these chemtrails in your vision, we are going to ask YOU from your place of great power – deep in your center you know you have this – We wish for you to infuse those chemtrails with your love and joy.
And that it will then be infused with that and will spread THAT out across your earth.

You are going to focus upon them and fill them with your love and joy, good feelings, high vibration, and that is going to be your Fairy Dust. Yes.

You are going to recreate this into your own image of love and joy and you are going to sprinkle THAT across the world.

Yes. You are infusing that chemtrail with love so that anywhere that chemtrail goes it will have the love infusion with it. It is a powerful way to create change in your world from something that you saw as a negative into a positive.

Yes, and the resistance within you will completely erase because you will see the benefit of your love spreading across the world. And it will neutralize any negative effects that you believed were there before. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Wonderful. Well, we will start with your discussion about the possibility of a new partner in your life. And we will say to you that we feel, we acknowledge the great vibration of love that is around you. We will invite you in your journey towards connection with your ideal mate, we would invite you to focus also on loving yourself, on truly appreciating what a wonderful being you are and how much you have to share.
And we would invite you to allow yourself moments every day of truly appreciating and acknowledging yourself, for as you are amplifying this vibration of love for yourself you will be magnetized to receiving love from others. And so, the more you are focusing lovingly on yourself, the more you can receive loving focus from others, and this will help to magnetize you in a powerful way.
Another suggestion that we would have for you is to truly focus on what you love, admire and appreciate about the others in your life – no matter who they are and what kind of relationship they may have to you. Be on the lookout for the best parts of everyone that you interact with. Make note of it and allow your thoughts to play with these ideas and things that you love about others that you are in relationship with – AND, with others that you may not be in relationship with but who come into your experience in some way that allows you to notice things that you appreciate about them.
And so, we just invite you to focus more frequently on the aspects that you love in others AND in yourself. By doing this you are, oh, you are amplifying your vibration to a point where the one – or more – who are matches to you will come into your experience. They will be so easy for you to recognize what you appreciate in them because of your focus in your Now on loving yourself and noticing what you love about others.
And, mm, yes, we invite you to continue amplifying that and you may be surprised with how quickly this amplification of the love in your vibration will draw to you what you are seeking. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We invite you to follow, to Strengthen your footsteps more surely along the path that you have stepped onto:
that you are a Powerful Creative Being,
that your thoughts,
that your feeling,
that your belief,
that your experience,
that the evidence that you surround yourself with… THIS is what you are using as the building blocks to create your experience.
You can create a different experience than what you were on the path to creating before.
Do it consciously, dear one. Do it with consciousness, do it with choice, do it with love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And when you recognize that it is all vibrational, it is all source – it’s all sourcy, it’s all eternity, it’s all love… when you allow yourself to break free of some of the heavy bondage of the “reality” that you are seeing, you will recognize your powerful ability to transform the reality that you are seeing. ~Aaron

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Allow yourself to keep returning to love. Keep returning to love and as you do this – even if you get to love and you find yourself unable to focus your attention – just allowing yourself to move into that vibration of love is POWERFUL healing for those in your experience. You will be raising the vibration and setting the tone for those in your household.

As you do this anyway, you set the tone for the vibration of those around you very often – but to do it CONSCIOUSLY, raising the vibration, consciously bringing love into the vibration that surrounds you all – this is where healing comes from. ~Aaron

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It is not about you missing an opportunity to follow your bliss. Those opportunities will be there. Those opportunities are not going anywhere. Those opportunities are not hampered by those around you at all. Those opportunities keep coming – keep coming.

(…) They keep coming. And as you find your alignment, as you find your energetic truth – beyond the lies that you have absorbed – as you find that, ah, they come quicker, they come more powerfully. There will be no question of someone else holding you back at all. ~Aaron

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There is no need for you to go forward in the pain.

You CAN change this to love. You CAN change this to love.

It is always in your control, how you perceive. Always, Stephanie.

Matters not what they are doing. Matters not what they are doing.

You, dear one, are powerful.

You are a powerful creator because of your consciousness about it. ~Aaron

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