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We invite you to call in joy and love in your interactions with others.

We invite you to create it before you experience it.
We invite you to find the love that can be felt in this interaction before you enter into the interaction – and you will notice everything begin to change for you.

You have lived your life without this being a primary practice of yours.
Now, you have done very well, in that many times you do go forth into your interactions being very loving, but you do not necessarily think to create this first. Yes?

It either just IS, or it’s not.

And you can claim it to BE Loving. You can find the Love FIRST.
And we invite you to begin playing with this more and more, dear one, in your life.

Everything can change. Everything can change.

Create the love. Invoke the love. Invoke love before entering into interactions with others.

Invoke love for yourself as you begin your day and as you end your day – and at any time in between. Invoke love for yourself. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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Practice Love

We wish to remind you that you always have the choice to come from a place of love, for you are always connected to a core of love – no matter what you cover it over with, Love is always at your core.

Remember that it is there. And you can dip from that well much more easily.

You wish to come from love. Remember that you can. You do not have to go to fear.

We don’t care how many years you have practiced this fear. We don’t care how many years you have practiced standing in unknowing and uncertainty. You do not have to be there. Practice standing in love. Practice coming from love. You can do this better, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

There is so much love here for you, and you have greater access to it than you allow yourself. Dip in! Notice the love in your life. Apply your focus, pay attention, and notice where love is showing up in your life. Notice where you are feeling love or where you are seeing love.

Allow yourself to practice the noticing of the love in your life and this will help you to feel, to recognize, to know more fully the love that we always are flowing to you, dear one. Open up to this love by noticing more love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Those of you in physical play with these ideas of the potential for negative effect with many, many different topics.

Oh, so many different people are playing with the ideas of foods that could potentially damage them, they play with the ideas of other people harming one another, they play with the ideas that are put out on your newscasts, your news stories, there seems to be – if you choose to focus on itthe potential for harm to your planet and your physical bodies from countless sources.
And this is the one right now that has come into your focus and we would like for you to recognize that… oh, this is a great gift because you have been given this little irritant, little concern, that by allowing yourself to shift in this you can shift your understanding across multiple levels of possibility in your experience.

We wish for you to recognize that this belief in the potential of harm from something outside of yourself is FALSE.
And, oh people would be so much happier in their lives if they were focusing more on what brings them joy than on the possibility for harm.
And you know this, you know this, you practice it quite well in your life in many ways.
And yet This stands out for you and so, we wish for you to recognize that the only harm that can come to you is that which finds a matching vibration within you.
So when you are noticing these things, we wish for you to recognize THAT truth, that nothing can harm you unless you have that matching vibration, which can often be a vibration of fear, a vibration of concern, a vibration of irritation by what is happening outside of yourself. And it is a reminder. It is an indicator to you that you can fill up on Other vibrations that bring you joy.
And you know this quite well. You can play with anything that brings joy into your life and recognize that the potential for harm from << …fill in the blank… >> is only an illusion. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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