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We love you. We are surrounding you with love. And allowing yourself to take this in is a very important first step.

Now, we will say, that we wish to acknowledge you for your ability right now to take this in – but we wish to let know also that you are ALWAYS surrounded by the love that we have for you. To allow that more fully, we are going to go beyond any “forgiveness” that needs to go on in your life, and we are going to get to the root of this – and the root of this is SELF-LOVE, and allowing yourself to feel love for you. And we will say that this, THIS is the primary lesson that you came forth for in this life, is to be able to love yourself.
And that is why there were so many distractions to this, so many roadblocks to you receiving love, to get you to the point where you recognize that it is about YOU loving YOU.
And, as you can do this, as you find your way to doing this, it becomes… we would say that the bubble that you have up around you right now to receiving love, that it becomes more PERMEABLE. When you are love INSIDE, the love that is coming to you can be received more easily because you are a match to it. And when you are fully loving yourself, you will not run away from love in your life. You will not run away from relationships because you will be so full to overflowing that you will pull others into this.
~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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