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When the weight begins to come on in those situations it is like Padding for you. It is a way of your body reacting to add padding to protect you, yes?

And when you do not feel the need for that protection, when you are feeling well, when you are feeling Vibrant, then yes you can release that and let that go. But we would invite you to notice and to acknowledge it lovingly, “Yes. I can appreciate that this is my body’s reaction to pad me, to comfort me, to wrap me up and take care of me in a way.”

So when you can acknowledge it in that way, that it is not a Bad Thing, that is an attempt at comfort – when you can acknowledge that and recognize that you don’t need that comfort, that you don’t need that kind of protection you can let go.

And we will take this opportunity to speak this to our little one that she has experienced much the same thing – when she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in connection with the likes of us, Yes?

When she was uncertain about allowing herself to be seen in this way, she would pad herself so that she would not be seen because in her beliefs, when she had the extra weight she was not visible to people as when she does not have the extra weight. And so it was an invisibility cloak for her in that way.

Yes. You use your body very magically. Very magically. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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In coming into alignment with the trinity of your self, sometimes you need to allow that thinking mind part of yourself the protection that it thinks it needs – until it can find that it really doesn’t. ~Aaron Connection

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