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And we will tell you that many beings who are spiritually understanding are very empathetic, are very strong readers of the energy in their environment.

We invite you to switch your focus from being able to read the energies – because you all can read these other energies – You don’t need to read the other energies at all times.

What we want for you to do is to recognize that you can shoot out your higher energies. You can share that with others. You can radiate that forward and benefit the others surrounding you by your high, loving energy.

When you are in that feeling of love and appreciation, and connection, and you look on someone and imagine yourself gathering your loving, golden energy from your heart center and RADIATING it forth… radiating it forth to those who surround you.

We invite you to play with this and witness the response of the people surrounding you who you are all able to read energy… not all are conscious of it but they will react to the energy that you put out.

You need not speak words.
You need not do actions.

Consciously choose to focus your loving energy outward from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we will tell you that sometimes the idea of Forgiveness is too hard to move straight into. The idea of Forgiveness often feels like a brick wall that you are trying to get to the other side of. And you feel responsible to “get to the other side” of that brick wall. You feel like that is your Job, that is your necessary duty to find the forgiveness, and we are going to invite you to set aside the idea of forgiveness at first, and what we invite you to do is look for Love.

You are looking for the feeling of love, and the place that you need to begin with this quest is to find love is for yourself, to find love for You at all stages of your BEing. At those stages where you most disliked yourself and you most judge and condemn yourself, your job is to find your way to love for You.

For when you can find love for yourself, this will radiate out, you will be much more able to find love for any others who may have caused you any pain, who may have allowed you to perceive pain in any way. You will find love being reflected back to you in ways that are more powerful than you have ever experienced before when you can find love for yourself.

And we are going to acknowledge that doing this is No Small Task. It is a very large task, but when you find that vibration of love, when you find it for others, you can begin to transfer it to yourself.

We invite you to pay attention, perk up and notice when you feel moments when you feel PURE love, and it may be in relation to seeing a baby, to seeing a small animal, to having memories of some experience, to seeing someone who is being vulnerable, and we invite you to amplify this feeling of love.

Look for opportunities to feel love, to build up the love in your experience. And then, consciously, Amplify the love for yourself. It will change your life. It will change your life to be able to love yourself more purely. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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When you are having fun – oh those vibrations that ripple off of you, that radiate out from you!
When you are having fun…
When you are in the enjoyment…
When you are in alignment… they are much bigger waves.
They are much bigger waves and they will kind of knock people off their feet and get their attention. “I wanna be a part of that. I wanna connect with that. I wanna feel that way.” Yes. ~Aaron Connection

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