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You are ready for a new paradigm – not only in your life – in your world.
You are ready for a new paradigm. Many are beginning to recognize this. Yes. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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What we will say to you, our dear one, is that there is so much love for you here. There is so much love flowing for you, flowing around you, and we will say that we invite you to open up to the love more. To let it in more, to allow yourself to release the focus on that which feels hard, and that which feels not loving. Yes? …the energy around you that feels that way… but we invite you most of all to allow yourself to love yourself. And we would say that this ability to love Ones self is the greatest gift that any of you in physical can give yourself because it changes your ability to allow that vibration of love into your life. Yes.

Most all of you could do a better job at this. And we will say to you that you are in a position of being Ready, of being ready to allow more of this love – for yourself, and to allow more of the love that is around you IN. Yes. This will allow you to perceive the love around you in new ways. Where you do not see it now, when you are allowing yourself to love you, to appreciate you, to appreciate the love that you have to BE and to Share, yes, as you allow yourself to grow in this your life experience will change significantly. Your life experience will change significantly.

~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Some things you feel you are not ready for yet. We believe you are more ready than you think. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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