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Because you see THIS as the REALITY, You see the OTHER, the living in ABUNDANCE, as the DREAM.
You must REALIZE, allow yourself to REALIZE that what you are considering REALITY is also a DREAM.
It is all a DREAM. Dear One, it is all a DREAM that you are dreaming, and so, you can very easily SWITCH THE DREAM UP. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish for you to be aware of when you are trying to talk yourself out of the full realization of your power and your magic in the alignment that you have with your source vibration.
Nothing is more powerful in your experience than your alignment with your source vibration. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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You will find peace with this. It will come to you when you are not feeling around for it. It will come to you when you are spending more time in that loving, higher vibing feeling. All of a sudden you will realize the answer is there, the understanding is there, the appreciation for the unfolding of this experience – as painful as it has seemed – will be visible for you. ~Aaron

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Aaron was speaking “once again” about the power of loving yourself…

“And as you let in your own love you will experience this with more and more humans around you.”

The questioner responded that she was still skeptical…

“And that is ok. That gives you reason to move towards it and test it out. See if it’s really true or not. And when you find out that we are telling you the truth – ah-ha-ha!! The FUN! The FUN! Because you will realize how easy it was for you to get there once you let go and let it in. And you will truly have control of your power once you recognize the results that you can get just from loving yourself and having fun!” ~Aaron

You can listen in on this response and hear Aaron’s laughter: Listen In  (30 seconds)

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Anything less than the realization of your best feeling dreams is you holding yourself back.

And you can dream as big as you would like and we will always give you MORE.

And sometimes, those of you in physical are afraid to dream too big – even when you are a big dreamer, you limit yourself at some point – and we want to tell you that as big as you can dream? We can do it bigger.

And so, we would like for you to take it as a challenge. Take it as a challenge from us to keep trying to dream BIGGERand just see if we can outdo youbecause WE CAN!

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What limits do you think we put on you?

There are NONE.

And that is beautiful that the group of you, and others, are beginning to realize that. LimitLESS. ~Aaron

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Yes, and THAT can hold you back from the realization, from the living of the knowing.
It is about bringing together the knowing of your mind with the feeling of the flowing of spirit through your physical body. It is bringing the three together. It is fully living as your Triune self. ~Aaron

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