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We would say that Yes, there are soul groups, and there are soul groups that you are drawn to, and this is certainly part of the reason why you feel such a connection to us, and to our little one, Stephanie, to others that you feel connection with. There are soul groups that you come forth to play together and that as we speak to you through Stephanie, as Stephanie has been able to tap into us in this way, you are also tapping into us in your own way. And you recognize this vibration that we share, that is a part of you, that is a part of our little one, that we bring forth.

Now we will say that, certainly ALL are connected, but Yes, as you come forth there are soul groupings where you will more easily connect. But we will also let you know that as you recognize these soul groupings, as you recognize these intimate connections of the vibration that you feel, you will also be more open to connecting this way with even more people – Even more beyond the original soul grouping that will show up so powerfully for you. As you recognize this you will recognize all of the others too.

It is so much fun when you decide to go forth into these physical vehicles. And to allow yourself to go forth as an extension beyond the One that we all are. As you come forth into your individual, plural piece of the One, you create great expansion for all.
And as you are stepping more fully into your power, as you are opening more fully to the vibration and to the recognition of the vibration and the vibrational signatures around you, you open doorways for others who are in your world at this time. And many of them, you may never know, but by your vibration, by your discovery, by your accepting and acknowledgment of what you are discovering, you are flowing your vibration out more and opening doorways for others.

Yes. And there is great appreciation for all that you do, even from those who may never know that it was you who opened this doorway for them. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Together, dear one, we will bring differences. We will bring joy, we will bring freedom, we will bring connection with the earth, and recognition of the Oneness of the spirit that inhabits your physical bodies.

We will bring forth play and vibrational synchronization.

(We will bring forth) Resonance – resonance with the visions. ~Aaron

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What we will invite you to consider… is: are there moments, can you think of moments when you wish for time to be stretched, when you are feeling such bliss and appreciation in the moment that you wish for that moment to be timeless?

Yes, and those are the kind of moments that we are going to invite you to be open to, to be on the look-out for, to be consciously creating, and choosing.

We invite you to spend some time in reflection on these moments. You may wish to spend some time journaling or vocally recording your thoughts, in all of the variety of memories of moments you can think of that touch you in that way – where the pure bliss of the moment is something that you would like to extend.

As you begin to consciously bring about the recognition of these moments in your life, they will begin to appear more frequently for you. And as they begin to appear more frequently for you, we invite you to turn up the energy of appreciation for these moments. In the moment and afterwards we invite you to write out your appreciation, to speak to others about your appreciation and your experience of these moments that feel so good, that they have a touch of the feeling of eternity within them.

And, as you begin to place your focus here, they will appear more often, your appreciation of them will also extend them into your life further, and you will find yourself moving from these moments of bliss to moments of bliss much more easily. ~Aaron

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We want to acknowledge you for allowing yourself to breathe into this, to take your time and allow forth the full recognition of what is going on for you rather than jumping into the first thought that pops into your mind because you have spent a lifetime training yourself to look at things and interpret things in one way and you have spent a much shorter amount of time allowing yourself to recognize things in a more pure way. ~Aaron

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Source is connecting with you through that vibration of love. And when you can allow yourself to hear and feel the answer of love through your connection to source, you are opening yourself up to hearing it and recognizing it from others also. Because others are in connection with you through source, through the oneness that is love. ~Aaron

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This vibrational knowing, this sharing that we have just done with you, it has become a part of you and you will be able … to allow yourself to invite in a fuller knowing of what this vibration is for you.

And you will be able to experience this in an even more full and complete way than you are now.

This vibration will bubble through you and give you a stronger recognition of the knowings that may be a little dim right now. ~Aaron

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It is a point of recognition for you and because it is so different from where you want to be. You notice it.

It’s like a bright light, a bright marker along your path, telling you this is a Point of Possibility, this is an Opportunity for Expansion. ~Aaron

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