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We will say to you that the Core of Belonging originates within you, with you feeling that you belong in this experience, with you feeling that you belong embraced within the love that you can have for yourself.

And as you allow yourself to feel more purely the love for who you be in this experience, as you allow yourself to feel the love for who you be in this experience and beyond, as you love yourself, you will experience more greatly that sense of belonging because as you love yourself it is as if you are coming home To You, and in that space of being loved at home with you, the rest of your experiences will reflect this, and you will feel that sense of belonging around you. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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It’s all energy
and in energy is timelessness.
Because of the timelessness
the people who will benefit
from your energy in the future…
are able to give the burst of energy,
sharing it back to you Now.
It can reflect back to you from the future! ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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And we wish only to reflect back to you the essence of who you are. All of the answers for you come from who you truly be, who you truly be, and the unfolding of it in your life comes from your essence.
You are such a beautiful soul, dear one.
We invite you to recognize this very fully. For when you can allow in an interaction like this, that is full of so much love for you, you increase your ability to allow yourself to let in more love from yourself. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Mmm, we recognize your resonance with this idea NOW, but we will also put in here that as you reflect back on this, you do not have permission to beat yourself up. Yes, you do not have permission to beat yourself up over anything – it is all a beautiful and perfect unfolding. ~Aaron

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You have a history, and a whole lotta stories to back that up…

We wish for you to rewrite that book – rewrite the book that you are.

It’s ok to have those old stories, but you can build new stories that you repeat often enough to yourself that they become your new habit of thought – backed up by your habit of feeling. ~Aaron

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Questioner: I saw you playing with me in my own face reflecting back in the energy from you.

Aaron: Yes.

 Q: Are you all of us?

A: Yes.

 Q: So you are the highest…?

 A: Hmm… the highest… that is putting everyone on levels… putting some lower than others. We are all one. We are all one who is plural. All of us – One. And those of you in physical have decided to come forth, into this one expression and play and expand for all of us in this way. ~Aaron

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Find YOUR way. Feel your way into your expansion. Your way is the right way for you and it is the right way for many who will be looking to you. And, through your experiencing you become the teacher by sharing what you have lived and experienced. ~Aaron

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