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What we will say to you is that your perception plays a very big role in this, yes – plays a bigger role than the other person does for you. Yes.

And so, what we are going to invite you to do is to allow yourself to play with making lists, making notes of what it is that you do appreciate about your partner, and what it is that you have appreciated about your partner… so that you are going to begin to look for, look for even the smallest things, yes, and we also want you to be playing with what it is that lights you up and what it is that makes you feel fun and light hearted and enjoying things.

We would say for you to begin to recognize and appreciate also in those around you, what it is you appreciate about them, yes. And so, you are going to notice what it is that lights you up about all the people that you come into contact with, the people that you are in relationship with in some way, or people that you just see out and about.

Yes, allow yourself to make note of and to be appreciative of what it is about them that lights you up.

We invite you to allow yourself to appreciate other males, to appreciate the relationships that others have, yes, to appreciate any other people that catch your attention and light you up. But, yes, the appreciation of other relationships is very powerful for you to create a similar relationship in your own life.

We can say to you, that as you come in closer and closer contact with the vibration that makes you feel the best, yes – and you can do this through the appreciation of others – when you come in close resonance with that type of relationship that is the type of relationship that will be unfolding your life.

We will say to you, that there need not be concern about what will happen with your current relationship because, if possible, your current relationship will raise to the vibration of the relationship that you most desire, and if that is not desired through your partner, there can be an easy movement of you into the relationship that you most desire when you find resonance with the appreciation of it, yes.

You do not need to hold yourself bound, because we will say to you that relationships are created and we will say that they are made note of in your blueprints, yes and when you are in relationship with one whose blueprint matches yours in the playing out of things, they can change to fit your vibration when your vibration is strong enough – but, when your vibration is focused on what they are not or what is lacking currently, well you’re going to feel a whole lot more of that, yes.

But, when you are in resonance of what’s possible, when you notice all of the beautiful loving relationships out there, when you pay attention to the little details and when you make note of this… Play with it, yes.

And we will say that appreciation and play, oh, those will create anything for you. Yes, yes!

And we will say, that with the love that you emanate and you vibrate, when you are focused more on that and what feels good, yes, you will get much more of that dear one. You have a very strong vibration there, yes. ~Solarum, One Who Is Plural

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We invite you to be on a safari for joy,
seeking out wild creatures of joy, seeking out sightings of appreciation,
seeking out sightings of abundance, seeking out sightings of loving relationships, seeking out sightings of friends, seeking out sightings of dreams being lived…
You are on safari, on the trip of a lifetime.
It IS your lifetime – enjoy it. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Wonderful. Well, we will start with your discussion about the possibility of a new partner in your life. And we will say to you that we feel, we acknowledge the great vibration of love that is around you. We will invite you in your journey towards connection with your ideal mate, we would invite you to focus also on loving yourself, on truly appreciating what a wonderful being you are and how much you have to share.
And we would invite you to allow yourself moments every day of truly appreciating and acknowledging yourself, for as you are amplifying this vibration of love for yourself you will be magnetized to receiving love from others. And so, the more you are focusing lovingly on yourself, the more you can receive loving focus from others, and this will help to magnetize you in a powerful way.
Another suggestion that we would have for you is to truly focus on what you love, admire and appreciate about the others in your life – no matter who they are and what kind of relationship they may have to you. Be on the lookout for the best parts of everyone that you interact with. Make note of it and allow your thoughts to play with these ideas and things that you love about others that you are in relationship with – AND, with others that you may not be in relationship with but who come into your experience in some way that allows you to notice things that you appreciate about them.
And so, we just invite you to focus more frequently on the aspects that you love in others AND in yourself. By doing this you are, oh, you are amplifying your vibration to a point where the one – or more – who are matches to you will come into your experience. They will be so easy for you to recognize what you appreciate in them because of your focus in your Now on loving yourself and noticing what you love about others.
And, mm, yes, we invite you to continue amplifying that and you may be surprised with how quickly this amplification of the love in your vibration will draw to you what you are seeking. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Make a relationship with your eternal godly nature. ~Aaron

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