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Questioner feels Judged by others in her life.

A: We invite you to open yourself to allowing in more people who are in alignment with You in your life. As you build up these people who are in alignment with You – there are countless of them out there. There is no lack of people who are in alignment with you.
We want you to at least recognize them, whether you actually interact with them or not, that’s of no importance. We want you to at least recognize them.
Find them. Go on a search for them in this world and each time you notice one, make note of that; Acknowledge that; acknowledge that you are far from alone in the way that you feel and desire. Place your focus on those people and the ones that you are currently focusing on as judging you will fade away.

Questioner concerned after receiving this answer that his mother will “fade away” from his life.

A: But, Dear One, she herself does not have to fade away. She does not have to fade away from your life. But the PERSPECTIVE of her judging you can completely disappear. It does not need to be there.
Yet, you can retain loving interactions with her. You can build MORE loving interactions with her. It is all possible.
And you, for a long time, have held onto the feeling that you must do certain things to stay in her good graces. This is not true. The truth of that is something you have created and you can try to say, “No” that it is HER, and we are going to tell you that’s bull shit.
You, dear one, it is you. And you have the power to change your relationship with your mother. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to let know that you are always surrounded by the love that we have for you, but to allow that more fully, we are going to go beyond any “forgiveness” that needs to go on in your life, and we are going to get to the root of this – and the root of this is Self-Love, and allowing yourself to feel love for you.

And we will say that this, THIS is the primary lesson that you came forth for in this life, is to be able to love yourself.
And that is why there were so many distractions to this, so many roadblocks to you receiving love, to get you to the point where you recognize that it is about YOU loving YOU.
And, as you can do this, as you find your way to doing this, it becomes… we would say that the bubble that you have up around you right now to receiving love, that it becomes more permeable. When you are love INSIDE, the love that is coming to you can be received more easily because you are a match to it. And when you are fully loving yourself, you will not run away from love in your life. You will not run away from relationships because you will be so full to overflowing that you will pull others into this. ~Aaron Connection

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When relationships are loosed from your life… there are new ones awaiting.
And as you focus in joy… as you invite them in, as you send out your vibrational invitations, you will be drawn together, dear one.
You’ve seen this before in your life.
Yes. You have seen this before. You will see this again. ~Aaron

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Lately you are contemplating your friendships, in all their manner – ever morphing. They are not stagnant.
Your new connections are here.
We just invite you to line up with them.
And we invite you, dear one, to quit beating yourself up over what seem to be failed relationships, failed friendships… friendships that meant a great deal to you, but went away.
It is ok to allow yourself the space that you needed to grow. ~Aaron

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We wish to speak to you about those who have left your life, about those who WILL Leave your life… We know that there are times that you feel – because of your history together, because of your loving joyful history together – that you should be able to bring them into your Now… that there are times that you want to interact with them in your Now… We will say that it is ok to bless them, to shine love on the connection that you shared, to appreciate the benefit that you received from your connection and to allow yourself to move forward.

Allow your thoughts to be loving. But enjoy your Now perspective. Enjoy those who are Now in your life. The right people will be drawn to you.

There is no need to try to make an old relationship fit the mold of a new relationship that you are ready for… are in alignment with now. ~Aaron Connection

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You are, in this moment, you are in connection with your mate.

You are in connection with the friendships that will be and all of the friendships that have been.

You are in connection with relatives who are here now and have gone beyond.

You are One in the Pluralness of All.

And as you begin to fully allow this into your being – beyond just the knowing – you will feel yourself experiencing the relationships that you desire, NOW. ~Aaron

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When you are loving yourself fully the relationships in your life will reflect that love back to you. ~Aaron

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