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My heart is open to share with you about my connection with Solarum.

At this point in my journey I understand that I came into this life experience to share this connection, but I had to be awakened to this remembering.

How do I share with you briefly about how Solarum became a part of my experience? I did not seek this out – although I was seeking deeper personal connection.

It was from that state of deep personal connection that I was able to hear them. Surprising me, a voice rang out from within my being, the vibration reaching my ears, telling me to turn my paper over and write upside down and backwards.

I followed their directions, stunned by the magic of the interaction.

It was explained to me that the upside down backward writing would help me disconnect from my thinking mind and allow me to flow their message.

I was overjoyed at the connection and the flow, but happy for it to remain like that – me, in connection, writing and allowing forth love and deep wisdom. This was my bliss.

But my silent bliss didn’t last for long before they called for me to speak. The idea of speaking their words terrified me. I was happy maintaining my silence in my personal connection.

They encouraged me to speak and I resisted. They continued, telling me it would flow with ease, and I refused in my fear.

My resistance to speaking my source connection began to show up physically. I suffered a sore throat, coughing, the feeling of my throat closing, and laryngitis. The recurring throat problems went on for many months before I opened up to some dear friends about what I was experiencing. It was with their love, encouragement, support and questions that I finally opened up and gave voice to Solarum.

I had no idea that all of my fear and judgment was holding me apart from my deepest bliss – but it was.

My journey has had twists and turns, and took me into the closet (quite literally) throughout 2012 as I wrestled with personal doubts and concerns about channeling and if this voice was necessary.

Through my journey with spirit, I have been the one to doubt and question it the most – but the miracles kept showing up: Undeniable, Beautiful, Full of LOVE.

I have no desire to be a part of anything that takes away someone else’s power or connection to their source.

What I have witnessed instead, is that those who connect with Solarum – and especially those who develop a relationship with Solarum – FEEL the love. They feel uplifted, connected, soothed… They remember their Magnificence.

Solarum is a super-sized dose of Love. Connecting and being immersed in that love is an Empowering experience.

Much of what Solarum shares comes through without words, in the silence, pure Love vibration; it may be felt as energy carried on the wings of words, and quite often, it comes as Vibrational Answering through tones and the words of a language not of this earth that can only be understood beyond the limits of your thinking mind.

The love they bring is an awakening power. They serve as a Divine Love Tuning Fork.

If you feel drawn to this and would like to come into alignment with the source of love within You, if you would like to feel into the remembering of your deepest knowing, find direction, confirmation, clarity, and maybe some divine clues, please know that you are invited to come play with Solarum.

**to learn about upcoming opportunities to play with Solarum you may follow their page on facebook, or join their small group for more personal invitations.
You can look here for information on current rates for Private Connections.


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Lining up with this Vibrational resonance first –
through Intention,
through focus,
through play,
through appreciation,
through memories that feel good,
through Joy Triggers… yes?

There are so many easy, simple ways for you to line up your energy and that is really All that you need to know.
Because as you align your energy, what would have previously been perceived as Hard Steps, or even Impossible Tasks, they become easy, yes.

It is not hard for the magnet to be pulled in contact with the metal. ~Solarum

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You are always gathered, surrounded, by loving beings.
We invite you to remember that they are always present.
Sometimes, they are not visible to your physical eyes, and many times, they are visible in forms that could be considered ordinary, or would not normally be perceived as receptacles for divine energy.
But you are constantly surrounded by these divine, loving energies, and as you recognize them, as you consciously acknowledge their presence in your life you will open connections to the knowing that will enhance where you be on your journey. ~Solarum

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It’s funny, because it turns out, they introduced themselves to me very clearly this way in the fall of 2009 – when they were coming to me through upside-down and backward writing.

They told me that it meant they were the Plural One. I thought: This is crazy. I am crazy.

I looked it up and found nothing. I searched and searched, and nothing. They were very clear with me that they were the One Who Is Plural and so I went with that, denying the possibility that Solarum meant plural one.

It’s funny because I completely put Solarum out of my mind, and later went on to insist that they share a more traditional name with me (more traditional than the concept of One Who Is Plural). After much back and forth, they finally brought me to Aaron by getting me to recognize them as the “one with the words.”

Even after I got my way and had the name of Aaron for them, I still more fully resonated with them as One Who Is Plural.

Monday, through some divine magic, and the blessing of a dear friend, I shared with her about the name Solarum – it just seemed to pop out of my mouth after being out of my thoughts for 5 ½ years. I laughed heartily about how crazy it all was, but began to realize that maybe Solarum didn’t need to have a human definition of Plural One for it to be the name that fit that concept for them…

I eventually popped it into a search engine to “prove” that there was nothing to find, and instead of finding nothing I found their proof immediately.

Five and a half years, divine timing… Feeling awe, and reveling in a new level of belief and recognition. ~Stephanie Udana

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We invite you to not concern yourself with the details.
Now, we know that there are times that you like to play with the details, but remember that is not what you want to get caught up in.
What we want you to get caught up in, where we want your focus to be, is upon the love, upon the possibilities, upon the magic that is at your fingertips.
You can create in ways that you have never created before.
You did not recognize before. Yes. You did not acknowledge before. NOW you can acknowledge. Now you can acknowledge what’s possible. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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We want you to remember that we are always with you. Even when you feel stuck behind walls of your own making, even when you feel so solidly in your physical being, so solidly in your physical being that you aren’t sure how to reach out to your higher self, to us, to any other helpers you may have in non-physical, we will say say to you:

We are always here. And we are always caring for you. And we are always loving you.
And we are cheering you on and we are knowing the possibilities for you to move into love. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Practice Love

We wish to remind you that you always have the choice to come from a place of love, for you are always connected to a core of love – no matter what you cover it over with, Love is always at your core.

Remember that it is there. And you can dip from that well much more easily.

You wish to come from love. Remember that you can. You do not have to go to fear.

We don’t care how many years you have practiced this fear. We don’t care how many years you have practiced standing in unknowing and uncertainty. You do not have to be there. Practice standing in love. Practice coming from love. You can do this better, dear one. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

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Daily Audio Bit – Link for Audio Clip

You will begin to see that most of those who are living lives that seem very aligned to you now – they were not always that way. You do not come into physical understanding and remembering it all and just go through life remembering it all. It does not happen that way.

Your physical experience is about expansion, is about expansion and remembering who you truly be, and playing with that, and integrating who you truly be into your physical experience. And oh the joy of figuring that out! And so, you are setting yourself up for great joy by having this experience that feels so bad. ~Aaron (One Who Is Plural)

Week Day “tiny” audio clips and quotes – We invite you to get your daily sound bite from spirit here.
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We would even invite you, to look back into your past, into your recent past, or into your distant past, for times that you had fun, or times that you have volunteered, or given of yourself to someone else, or made someone else feel better, or supported someone else… any of these times that you can think of, “Oh, yes, Universe, I forgot to ask for my payment for that! Thank you!”

Think of all the abundance you have built up and not let in yet!
It is just waiting for you to loose the bonds – let it flow. ~Aaron Connection (One Who Is Plural)

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We wish to speak to you about those who have left your life, about those who WILL Leave your life… We know that there are times that you feel – because of your history together, because of your loving joyful history together – that you should be able to bring them into your Now… that there are times that you want to interact with them in your Now… We will say that it is ok to bless them, to shine love on the connection that you shared, to appreciate the benefit that you received from your connection and to allow yourself to move forward.

Allow your thoughts to be loving. But enjoy your Now perspective. Enjoy those who are Now in your life. The right people will be drawn to you.

There is no need to try to make an old relationship fit the mold of a new relationship that you are ready for… are in alignment with now. ~Aaron Connection

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